After Hours: The Legend of Korra’s Low Audience Turnout

Season 2 of The Legend of Korra, the spinoff series to Avatar: The Last Airbender, has landed. And yet the season premier episode of Legend of Korra gained fewer viewers than the least-watched episode of Season 1 of the same series. B-Mask and LaughingMan dissect what may be the cause of of these relatively low ratings: the past direction of both The Last Airbender, the first season of Legend of Korra, and their hopes for the future episodes. They also ask pivotal questions like: What ever happened to the Equalist Movement after Amon was revealed to be a bender, himself? Is everything really okay between Asami and Korra after Korra stole Mako from her? Why wasn’t Amon really Asami?


The loveable lunatic with the foul mouth and the iconic laugh, Laughingman is the founder of CCS. With more coffee than copper in his bloodstream, he's a full-time website developer by day, and a gamer, editor, and fiction writer by night.


B-Mask was not always a purveyor of animation. Having credentials ranging from frog slinger to hash seller, he has experienced life to its fullest extreme from under his tiny rock. He hosts the series known as Beyond Pictures which aims to look beneath the surface of works- understandably difficult in this day and age.

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