Batman: The Killing Joke Movie Controversy: You Can’t Please Everyone…

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Correction: Brian Azzarello, not Brian Azzazello. There goes CineMax’s comicbook nerd cred… :/

The long-anticipated animated adaptation of the hit graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke is finally here! (Technically the movie has been out for more than two weeks now, but hush! Let’s pretend that we’re not late to the party for once.) And just like its source material, the film version has been subjected to a great deal of controversy — most of it surrounding the story’s portrayal of its central female character Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl. Yes, again.

In an effort to pad out The Killing Joke’s running time, writers Bruce Timm and Brian Azzarello have come up with an original half-hour long prologue that depicts Barbara Gordon’s final mission as Batgirl before she decides to hang up the cape and cowl for good. While both LaughingMan and CineMax feel that the film’s first half doesn’t jell well with the events of the original graphic novel, it’s a decent stand-alone story that portrays the character of Batgirl in a empathetic light. Therein lies the problem, though. Dissatisfied with such a flawed (read: human) take on their favorite female superhero, numerous critics and keyboard warriors have taken to the Internet to voice their dissatisfaction — if not even disgust — with the animated adaptation of The Killing Joke. ‘Cos how dare a female character NOT be an infallible, omnipotent Mary Sue who can defeat all of her male opponents with ease all the while shouting about how feminism is a force for good. Right, Marvel? (*cough* FemThor *cough*).

As LaughingMan and CineMax demonstrate over the course of this CCS After Hours Podcast: You can not please everyone. Nor should you!


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  1. There is actually an amazing motion comic adaptation of The Killing Joke on YouTube. Everything about this motion comic is near perfect, from the voice acting (the guy who does both Batman and Joker does a really good job at impersonating Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill respectively), the pacing, transitions between scenes, the music used (some from the Dark Knight Trilogy). It really does capture what made The Killing Joke a great story and more. I highly recommend it.

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