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B-Mask’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Analysis:

Spider-Man. Once one of the world’s most beloved superheroes and a posterboy for Marvel Comics; the character has now become nothing short of a joke. His current comic-book run has been hijacked by self-centered fanboys turned writers writing self-insertion power fantasies, and the less said about Spidey’s adventures on the big screen the better…

Well, actually, no. We have plenty to say about the current state of the Spider-Man film franchise. 80 minutes worth of discussion to be exact. CineMax (an on and off casual fan of Spider-Man) invites B-Mask (a life-long fan of the famed wall-crawler) to confabulate about the current lamentable state of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man film franchise, the ups and down of the original Sam Raimi trilogy, Sony’s desperate attempts to turn obscure Spider-Man properties (The Sinister Six) into the next big franchise, as well as bemoan what has become of Marvel’s web-slinger comic-book series.

Not to give away the ending or anything, but boy oh boy we just can’t way for Marvel Studios to get the film rights back.


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