Taxidermy Fails: CCS Convos Go Off the Rails

Our conversation about Internet censorship goes awry. After tangents about Tumblr Nazis, Furries, and Christian Cakes, we end up looking at hilariously bad taxidermy failures.

The 2018 Internet Purge: Patreon, Tumblr, and Internet Censorship

First they came for supplement selling internet conspiracy theorists, then they came for the patrons of YouTube’s Mesopotamian thicc edgy boi, and now they came for Fuboo’s Tumblr blog.

Netflix’s Castlevania: The Season 2 Stretch

The second season of Netflix’s animated series Castlevania has landed, and we follow up with a slightly less-glowing video review.

JK Rowling’s Fantastic Tweets and How to Mock Them: Harry Potter Retconning

JK Rowling’s attempts to remain relevant by incorporating more diversity into her popular fantasy book series is beginning to backfire.

Hillary Clinton in ‘Stand-Your-Ground: The Game’ | Halloween Horror Game Fuck-Up 2018

LaughingMan is oddly enigmatic about the game he’s choosing to play, while implying that it may get us kicked off of

The Terrifying Truth of CCS and Horror Games

The Gang Plays Horror Video Games.

Golden Shower II: The Struggle With Children | Halloween Horror Game Fuck-Up 2018

Nat brings out the big guns with one of the worst horror games ever made: “Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within”.

Spooky’s House of Jump-Chairs | Halloween Horror Game Fuck-Up 2018

What started off as a troll let’s play quickly escalates from the cutesy (but still startling) cartoon cut-outs to moments of sheer panic.

(Almost) Everything Wrong With Hollywood | Remakes, Sequels, and Disney

A very timely and controversial opinion, we know… But the IP rehashing, expanded universes, and Disney’s growing pop-culture monopoly should be a growing cause for concern.

Internet Nobodies and Their Future: The CCS Manifesto | Wild Cards

The CCS Gang outlines new, pro-fan Patreon changes, but not before we tackle the pressing issue of LaughingMan being gang raped by a Ned Flanders heavy metal tribute band and a 2×4.