‘Tis the Season To Be Jaded! | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #16

The 2016 X-Mas Webcomic Special is Here!

Free Hugz 4 All! | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #15

Katie B commissions the Fuboo to illustrate a webcomic that pokes fun at the group’s resident misanthrope CineMax. The latter obliges, only to find herself entangled in a vicious gang war between the Russian Mob and the Yakuza, a…

Star Wars: The Fanboy Awakens | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #14

Hey, everyone! Star Wars if officially back! You know, even if technically it hasn’t really gone anywhere for the last decade and a half… With less than two weeks left until the premiere of Star Wars…

Don’t Give ‘Em Any Ideas | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #13

When an ex-fan expresses his discontent and accuses CCS of “selling out” with Patreon, LaughingMan and CineMax show him what true “e-begging” really looks like!

CCS: Expectations vs Reality | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #12

CCS Expectations vs Reality

Some people have garnered very lofty expectations of the Cheshire Cat Studios members, but how do our personas stack up against the cold light of truth?

We Dun Goofed | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #11

Uh-oh. It looks like a certain #progressive individual didn’t take kindly to our anti-fit-shaming comments in our recent “FIT-SHAMING IN VIDEO GAMES: A RACE TO THE BOTTOM…” After Hours podcast. What kind of heinous internet retribution does…

The Creative Process | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #10

redlettermedia fan art previously recorded

This is what happens when LaughingMan sends webcomic / commission ideas to The Fuboo…

Conflict of Interest | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #9

With all of the overly ‘energetic’ YouTube personalities playing horror games, one has to wonder if their hyperactive demeanor is a disaster waiting to happen…

2014 Christmas Special: Holiday Hijinks

cheshire cat studios winter christmas comic

Happy Holidays to all our fans and followers from the Cheshire Cat Studios crew! Special thanks to George S. for this little holiday card he’s given us.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Cheshire Cat Studios LaughingMan CineMax Kenny Fuboo Inverted-Mind

From your friends at Cheshire Cat Studios!