Golden Shower II: The Struggle With Children | Halloween Horror Game Fuck-Up 2018

The CCS Halloween Horror Game Fuck-Up 2018 – Part 2.

Off the heels of Wade’s panicky speed-run of “Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion”, Nat brings out the big guns with one of the worst horror games ever made: “Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within”. And she does it to piss off LaughingMan, who had the unfortunate experience of watching her play the game twice through on seperate previous occasions. Now she’s bringing the pain to the masses with this green-bloodied, child-bashing, snail-paced gore-fest (or should we say bore-fest? *insert Crypt Keeper laugh*). At least the riffing of the CCS crew makes the ill-fated Japanese horror game slightly more bearable.

left to right: Aaron (alcohol poisoning postmortem poltergeist), Wade (Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds, ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’), Fuboo (Zarcharie, ‘OFF’), Calamity/Puppers (The Spirit of Halloweens Past), Nat (Harley Quinn, ‘Arkham Asylum’), LaughingMan (Negan, ‘The Walking Dead’)

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