Comicsgate: Social Justice Hurts Comic Sales

LaughingMan and Natalie have been followers of the great GamerGate controversies and the rise of political correctness and social justice outrage in the video game medium. However, because neither are terribly well-versed in the comics industry, a similar iteration of political controversy within the comics book industry went by fairly unnoticed. Until recently.

In our latest Extended Play podcast, LaughingMan and Natalie invite two of our comicbook-loving Patreon sponsors, Demon-eater and ArtemisWyrm, to give us a lowdown on the social justice movements within the comic industry.

Marvel and DC comics have received a backlash from not only their fans, but also the comic book store owners, who have been complaining that the new politically charged themes and Rule 63 gender-swaps of many of comics greatest heroes simply aren’t selling. And we ask “why not?”

We are aware that comic books have long been a widely-known medium of genuine progressive societal change, and that characters like X-Men have been positive forces for real-life equality, dignity, and human rights. So why are characters like American Chavez, female Thor, and the new Iron Man and Hulk rubbing this same base of readers the wrong way?

LaughingMan brings up a theory that the comics of yesterday and today are following the Ideologies found in the X-Men comics, themselves: Where Charles Xavier wants to use positive action to win over hearts and minds of the public, the newer comics appear to be following the divisive and more aggressively militant ideologies of the X-Men’s semi-antagonist, Magneto.

But that’s all only the tip of the iceberg: What of Batman: White Knight’s reformed Joker character? What about the new crowdfunded Diversity & Comics? What’s all this talk about “milkshakes”? (Well, on that last one, we’re still not entirely sure… #CCSLactosIntolerant). Demon-eater and ArtemisWyrm help throw some light on #ComicsGate.

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2 Comments on “Comicsgate: Social Justice Hurts Comic Sales

  1. Sometimes I wonder if either Marvel comics is not even concerned with making money anymore, that they are just persisting with the same ol’ shit out of ego, or if they are just truly insane

  2. I may sound like an old fart, but back in my day a “strong character” was a character that had some backstory, believable and coherent motivations for their actions, some growth during the story, and, above all, someone that didn’t feel like a rehash or a ripoff from another book…

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