Conflict of Interest | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #9

With all of the overly ‘energetic’ YouTube personalities who have risen to fame through indie horror game schadenfreude, one has to wonder if their hyperactive demeanor is a disaster waiting to happen…

It’s been a while since we’ve done a webcomic, but CCS and The Fuboo (Inverted-Mind-Inc) have been working on ways to get you good fans more webcomics, as well as more timely content in general! So stay tuned in the weeks ahead for new, more frequent updates!

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Original Art by Inverted Mind Inc

The Fuboo

Artists, Wife, Mother of three, aaaaaand full time dork. WARNING: Easily Angered.

16 Comments on “Conflict of Interest | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #9

  1. Good comics, Great job, Fuboo., but I have else nothing to say.
    I hop new episode of video or audio podcast will be soon.
    PS: I’m not a robot. Just saying.

  2. I always did think that Laughingman was the type of person who would pour a monster drink into his coffee and drink the whole thing.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks LaughingMan could actually pull being a let’s player off? (Minus the caffeine of course)
    It would be interesting to see him freak the f**k out.
    i’d pay to watch that

    • LOL, I wonder if I’d sound like a cross between Carl Pilkington and Rich Evans… I’d have to find a good game though. Maybe “Deadly Premonition”. Or if you want to hear me freak the fuck out, have me play Final Fantasy 11 Online again… Spent 2 days (real-time) in a field killing rabbits with a pointy stick. Felt like an Elmer Fudd opera: “Kill da wabbit. Kill da wabbit!”

      • You know what you should do, Laughing Man? A Let’s Play of every abysmal Final Fantasy game including Online 11 & 14 while also doing the whole XIII trilogy. Your rage will be glorious.

  4. the only time they won’t play it up for the camera is when the Avast virus database has been updated.

  5. Honestly, I’d rather play the game myself, if not just watch a friend play. I think a lot of people just need let’s plays to understand what’s popular and what’s not.

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