Destiny 2 Kekistan Gauntlet a Nothingburger?

So what’s the most offensive thing you’ve ever seen in a video game? Well it’s nothing compared to the nothing burger that is the Kekistan Gauntlet in Destiny 2. Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, has removed a Kekistan-themed gauntlet from their game, and made it very well known to the public and gaming press. In light of this we ask, “Will this spark a hydra effect, where we’ll see more shitlords hiding defiant little Easter eggs in video games? What of the gaming community at large?”

Additionally, could such an obscure item in Destiny 2 have been discreetly removed without all of the firestorm, or was the virtue signaling a media ploy by Bungie, much like the developers of Yooka-Laylee made of removing JonTron’s voice cameo prior to release?

Just to also say, we know that Sargon didn’t really “invent” Kekistan, more “popularized”.

We do not believe that the Kekistan flag is a symbol of white-nationalism or racial bigotry, but it’s in fact a scathing satire of identity politics (including white-power movements) akin to the XX in Charlie Chaplin’s Nazi Germany satire comedy, “The Great Dictator”. It’s more accurately used to irritate Social Justice Warriors and troll the sensationalist, yellow journalism media.

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