Deus Ex Machinima hookers and garbage

Deus Ex Machinima | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #3

LaughingMan and CineMax are getting fed up with ‘premier online entertainment networks’ wanting to use and abuse the CCS Video Podcast. CineMax makes an apt comparison between these online video networks and the legions of people and Let’s Players who are used to artificially inflate the networks viewership.

Inverted Mind Inc DeviantArt
Original Art by Inverted Mind Inc

The Fuboo

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3 Comments on “Deus Ex Machinima | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #3

    • Thanks man! We were worried it was a bit more morbid than usual so we didn’t know how it would go down. Also took a while to find the right subject/text for the comic Mel gave us, so thanks for the props!

  1. Given that we start to see networks doing reruns of content after the creators leave, it feels like they are actually going as far as recycling the corpses of their “whores” after they suck them dry. Understandable from a business point of view, still rubs me the wrong way.

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