E3 2013 Nintendo Wii U Conference: Now From the Front!

The CCS crew had the best seats at this year’s E3 show! In front of a laptop, watching it live…

E3. Electronics Entertainment Expo. The gaming industry’s annual vanity fare. A time of disproportionate lies, crushed dreams, and never-ending disappointment for the mistreated gaming masses. An obsolete tradition that serves no purpose other than to stroke the Big 3’s egos and further confirm the fact that the gaming industry is rapidly becoming less and less concerned about actual games. THAT SAID, it’s also a precious vault of unintentional comedy that’s just too precious to miss.

Which is why, for the first time ever, the CCS crew has decided to sit through the entire E3 2013 show to share their thoughts on what the gaming industry has offer for this next year. We’ll be covering all five conferences (Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo) in real-time (at least from our perspective) as well as giving quick reviews of the shows once they’re done. So grab your favorite snacks and sit tight ‘cos Cheshire Cat Studios is storming E3! From their laptops, thousands of miles away from the actual event…


B-Mask was not always a purveyor of animation. Having credentials ranging from frog slinger to hash seller, he has experienced life to its fullest extreme from under his tiny rock. He hosts the series known as Beyond Pictures which aims to look beneath the surface of works- understandably difficult in this day and age.


A subversive excommunicated from [REDACTED] as a result of a failed coup d'etat, CineMax has miraculously managed to reach and find asylum in the Land of the Free. Here he spends his days working for Cheshire Cat Studios, all the while plotting his inevitable return to the motherland to once again foment the flames of revolution.


Born in the stomach of a whale in a small fishing town in Antarctica, Kenny knew that his life mission would be to end world hunger, save Tibet, and finally learn how to dougie. Instead, he ended up studying law and writing the "Food For Thought" article series for CheshireCatStudios.com. One day, he hopes to become President of Brazil and blow up the moon.

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