Female Objectification in Video Games? Anita Sarkeesian Vs. Gamers

There is a glaring deficiency of strong female characters in video games. Most representatives of girls in gaming fall into one of two groups: 1) one-dimensional sex doll-like eye candy created solely to pander to the narrow-minded frat boy demographic, or 2) expendable background characters with whom the player can enter into a romantic relationship and ultimately bed in a soft-core cut scene.

We at Cheshire Cat Studios recognize that this as an important issue that needs to be addressed and would love to see more well-written and versatile characters of BOTH genders in video games. HAVING SAID THAT, we wouldn’t have been true to ourselves if we had decided to remain silent while certain ‘feminist activists’ unabashedly exploit the deficits in video games in order to pursue their own twisted agendas while becoming filthy rich in the process.

We begin by expressing our discontent with Anita Sarkeesian’s misguided gender war and then move on to discuss the duplicity of the feminist movement when it comes to reshaping the game industry, the overt hostility towards female player characters from game publishers, and even ‘real-life’ gender politics in the context of video games. Is it possible for a player to fully immerse themselves in the game if they’re playing as the opposite sex?


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