Five Nights at Freddy’s World: The Ugly Side of Escapism (Wasted Effort #3)

Welcome to Five Nights at Freddy’s World! It has been a while since we last spoke about the Five Night’s at Freddy’s Franchise. Which is probably a good thing. ‘Cos from the looks of it, things have only gone even more downhill since.

First of all, all of GameTheory’s claims that the first Five Nights at Freddy’s game in the series was meant to be some sort of profound exploration of a mass murderer’s guilty conscience have proven to be nothing more than wishful thinking by the time the 2nd Five Nights at Freddy’s game in the series came out. The much speculated mystery of the “Purple Man” has fizzled out into nothing more than some bare-bones backstory about some twisted psychopath killing innocent children — basically nothing that we didn’t know already from the newspaper clippings in the very first Five Nights at Freddy’s game. And last but not least, four Five Nights at Freddy’s games in and we still have no clue why the animatronics are trying to kill the player. First it was a glitch in their AI. Then they were meant to be possessed by the spirits of the dead children who were seeking revenge. But then in the 3rd and 4th Five Nights at Freddy’s game they suddenly became mere figments of the protagonists’ imagination… Eh, who cares?! Just stare at the camera and go “OOGA-BOOGA-BOOGA” and we’ll be rich!

But hey, at least the series is officially over, right? All of us can finally heave a collective sigh of relief knowing full well that the nightmare of Freddy Fazzbear’s Pizza is finally behind us… Oh, nevermind. They’ve just announced a new Five Nights at Freddy’s game: Five Nights at Freddy’s World. *Sigh*

With the recent reveal of Scott Cawthon’s titular Five Nights at Freddy’s characters appearing in a very uncharacteristic, non-horror setting, CineMax and LaughingMan have severe concerns regarding the controversial new direction. While CineMax and LaughingMan have genuine respect for Scott Cawthon for being a self-made success with his Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, they question his motives. Not only does he appears to be pulling a George Lucas (ie: milking a surprise success for everything its worth via sequels, a book, and talks of a movie deal), but the change in direction seems to be reflecting of a growing, severely out of touch fanbase that looks past the murder and horror of the mythos in favor of the infantilization of the Five Nights at Freddy’s iconography.

All over social media and various fan artwork sites, the lore of the events of Freddy’s Fazbears Pizza takes on an entirely different connotation; the incident that occurred regarding child murder has been whitewashed, the killer animatronics are seen only at their cute, child-friendly face-value, and even the murderer, the Purple Man, has been sexualized by a cult of fangirls.

We’ve spoken at length about such the illogical acts of fans, but this one genuinely takes the cake. So why exactly is the new Five Nights at Freddy’s game, Five Nights at Freddy’s World, pandering to those who believe that Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Freddy Fazbear are plush, loving teddybears?


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2 Comments on “Five Nights at Freddy’s World: The Ugly Side of Escapism (Wasted Effort #3)

  1. Huh, I thought it was gonna be about Star Wars on the Rey controversy…

    Anyway, I can’t believe the fans are this pathetic in ignoring a complex lore that would have been interesting to explore and turn it into some “moe” cuteness nightmare. Hell, an animated series by Genndy Tartakovsky about FNAF would have been amazing to witness if Scott didn’t listen to these rabid fans.

    As for Oculus Rift, It’s gonna be a fucking hell to deal with.

  2. First there’s fan service, and then there’s this… Just wow. I’m actually astounded that Cawthon would resort to making this, though I can sort-of see why he’d do it. I think this is a new level of popular demand in the indie-game field of videogames. There’s been small events in videogames of popular demand where no matter if it falls plain ridiculous, games will listen to the fans and add weird stuff like Mortal Kombat X adding Jason Voorhees and Predator, Smash Bros for the Wii U adding more third-party characters and re-hashes of others, continuous remasters of other videogames; but they’re listening to fans who propose ideas that could stay within the essence of the game and maybe earn a bit of profit.

    Cawthon, with this little big things going on, he’s just attended to the worst part of the FNAF’s fanbase. Imagine Netherrealm releases a dating-sim of Mortal Kombat or Nintendo releases a Super Mario Mushroom Simulator 2016; it just doesn’t make any sense at all. But if the guy is struggling with money (very unlikely), I could see why he’d make a quick cash-grab. Even if it completely destroys any faith on being a horror franchise anymore.

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