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    Well it’s official everyone. Just like a hurricane E3 came and went and now it’s time to deal with the aftermath.

    I wanna know your thoughts on the this year’s E3 as a whole. Who do you think won? What games are you excited for? What did you like most or the least about it? Anything interesting coming out that you want?

    I’ve seen a few other posts about certain parts of what was covered this year but I haven’t seen anything talking about the whole thing. So I thought it would be a good Idea to start one.

    To be perfectly honest i have mixed feelings about it. I didn’t get the satisfaction as I have past years. I got the feeling like I just went to the Strip Club to have a wild night but just ended up at the buffet table ignoring all the glam and (supposed) excitement and noticed that one of the strippers looks really masculine (You can tell who that joke is pointed at) and another looks like they have no fucking clue what they are doing and just looks confused.

    In a Nutshell I didn’t really enjoy this years E3. Yea there are a few things that look okay to me that I will probably get. But I didn’t get hooked into anything.

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    I didn’t pay attention to the conferences, I just learn about them on Twitter & watching Totalbiscuit & his wife, Jenna, rip on them on their snark stream videos. I’m excited for the South Park game & the new Kojima game. Male objectification doesn’t exist my butt. I can’t wait to Kojima’s excuse for why he’s butt naked & for feminists to try & rationalize their double standards about it away. What I’m saying is that e3 needs more butt naked, beefcake men.

    I found the MSM’s virtue signaling to be far more note worthy than anything in e3. We really needed someone at e3 to put the media on blast. Every time there’s a mass shooting, idiots come out in mass to try & blame video games. The media, which is supposed to inform the public, if just regurgitating every line of propaganda these censorship happy authoritarians feed them. Them buying into the social justice narrative & requesting to limit the rights of artists, of game designers, is unconscionable. Gamers has been dragged thought this culture war for far too long. Many of them are burnt out & the censorship brigade is at the peak of its power, leaching political power from avenues such as Tumblr & Academia. Many companies are being very aloof when it comes to this topic. I know none of them want to get embroiled with this controversy, but they need to stand for their rights as creators & artists. Maybe they’re comfortable with the current political climate, maybe they’re right to bank on gamers defeating SJWs, but it would have been nice to seem them defend their craft. How bad does it have to be before the assert themselves, or are they always just going to rely on fans to make their case for them pro bono?

    What I wanted from e3 was games coming out right then & there or games coming out in the very near future. There wasn’t enough of that. I’m too jaded to get hyped for a project that may just be scrapped later next year. I’m waiting for good VR to happen, there is still a latency issue with most VR apparatuses. I also didn’t get a sign from publishers that they’re tried of the MSM failure to reject anti-gamer propaganda. How many more shootings are the MSM going to blame on video games when this yellow journalism should have stopped after the Spanish–American War?

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    Disappointed with Bioware. I was so excited for a ME:Andromeda demo, but all I got was a BTS trailer with seconds of in game footage. Oh well, maybe next year.Conferences were hit and miss, as usual, but they gave a dilicious amount of hilarious cringe (especially EA) and wow does Watch Dogs 2 feel like it’s trying too hard. Psyched for the new IPs though. Days Gone looks good (SO MANY ZEDS ON SCREEN!) and the new direction God of War is going has piqued my interest. Kojima’s making a new game and Sony’s going to make stupid amounts of money.

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