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    (I decided to put my fan made story on this thread rather than the Off Topic thread and any updates will be in this new thread instead)

    A while back on the The CCS Ideas Thread, @kahunadrake asked if anyone had ideas for a CCS web comic series. While I’m no professional writer, I wanted to give a shot at crafting a story for a potential web-comic series and it’s an idea for a Batman story I wanted to see get made for a long time: The story of Thomas Wayne as Batman and how we see the world through the eyes of Bruce’s father before it all came crashing down to hell.

    Here’s a synopsis of my idea of the story:

    “20 years ago, Thomas Wayne had the wealthiest life in the world. With his wife Martha Wayne alongside his newborn son Bruce, it seems like life has never been better but as everything was going as planned, an assassination attempt to kill Thomas is set while he fought back to protect the ones he loved… Only for their lives to be taken away by the monsters he swore to fight back with Thomas & Alfred surviving the assault. With nothing to lose and a powerful empire ruling over Gotham City, Thomas steps to the darkness to become a man of fear & vengeance as Batman as he must use his wits, money, skills and tactics to take down the people responsible for destroying his legacy all those years ago. The past is calling and the time is at hand but in the end, when the rain settles and the time comes, the knight will fall and perish to dust.”

    It’s based on the Batman from The Flashpoint Paradox universe but for this story, I wanted a Batman story with no connections to The Flashpoint Paradox to be it’s own “what if” scenario story with Thomas Wayne as Batman while we follow his journey into becoming the dark knight and how his choices may save or kill him in the end including how he handles criminals in Gotham (he would either spare or kill them depending if the criminals are smart enough to not mess with a man with nothing to lose), exploring his inner demons that are eating him from the inside (like dreams regarding his failures of letting his loved ones die while his ancestors call him a “disgrace” to the Wayne’s family name) and learn his relationships with other people like Alfred, Barbara, Joker and more while struggling his life between being a billionare and as Batman. I do have other original ideas but they’re blurry at the moment and this story idea came to mind the first time it popped in my head and if it’s done right, I think we can manage to make an interesting premise around this story. I’ll have some dialogue written for a later time to show the potential for the story.

    I already written Chapter 1 but with a few changes to the paragraphs and corrected some lettering I forgot to fix on the older thread.

    "The world is merciless and it's also very beautiful."



    “The page starts in complete darkness while Thomas narrates the story”

    THOMAS: I remember the time I used to be happy… When I had something to work, live and die for the woman I loved. I’ll never forget the day I meet her during the summer breeze of the tuscan fields. It was like a comforting dream I always wanted to live in but the next thing you know is the dream becoming obsolete as the darkness pulls you back into the abyss. I wanted to escape from my reality but couldn’t break free from the consequences I was about to face.

    “It cuts to Thomas running away from someone or something while naked & bloodied all over his body on an abandoned section of Gotham City (could be the abandoned neighborhood or a lonely highway). He’s running for his dear life while a black Cadillac car filled with gunmen is chasing him down by shooting him yet Thomas is lucky from not getting shot and he keeps running until he decides to quickly jump in the abandoned dock area to evade the chasers. He jumps to the water while the men keep shooting him down and gets away to the docks. He climbs up the dock while breathing heavily until he calms himself and tries to look for a way to communicate to Alfred but to no avail and feeling frustrated by the lack of phones. He finds a phone booth near the area and as he approaches the booth, he gets shot in the shoulder by a gunman from the mob and Thomas falls hard to the floor. Thomas tries to flee but another gunman is behind him that knocks Thomas in the head and it seems Thomas is done for.”

    GUNMAN 1: Well, Well, looky here! It’s richy boy trying to outsmart us with his jump of faith! *laughs at Wayne while spitting in his wound at his right shoulder and kicking him in the face” Too bad the fun has to end here.

    GUNMAN 2: Why the fuck are we wasting time talking?! Let’s kill this prick and be done with it! I don’t want to miss the party and get my share taken by some other asshole for my job!”

    GUNMAN 1: Quit your yapping! His injured and I got him in my shoes. “Steps on Thomas face” Besides, he is nothing without his bodyguards or wealth. All he is now is another waste of a soul who must be eradicated for the good of every citizen of Gotham cause this pretty boy ain’t no saint. “Approaches Thomas to his face while giving a unsettling grin” Never had been and never will be.

    “Thomas picks a broken bottle to fight back and slashes GUNMAN’S 1 face but GUNMAN 2 kicks his teeth and GUNMAN 1, feeling pissed off for Thomas slashing his face, strangles his throat until he’s out of breathe despite Thomas struggling to get free from the GUNMAN’S 1 grip in his throat.”

    GUNMAN 1: You goddamn prick! I’ll show you who you’re dealing with here! YOU POMPOUS PIECE OF SH- “gets shot in the head by an unknown individual and falls to his death while Thomas tries to run but GUNMAN 2 grabs him by using him as a shield.”

    GUNMAN 2: ‘he’s shaking his whole body which means he is scared shitless” S-S-S-SHOW YOURSELF!! DO IT NOW OR I… I… I’ll KILL HIM THIS INSTANT! GET OUT HERE NOW!! “He’s waiting for a response but no one answers” I KNOW YOU’RE HERE ASSHOLE! COME OUT!! I’LL KILL HIM HERE AND NOW! DO YOU HEAR ME!?! *suddenly, an individual appears from behind pointing his small pistol in his head, the gunman turns around with a face trembling with fear and it is revealed to be Alfred holding the pistol”.

    ALFRED: Loud… “he clicks the pistol” And clear. “he shoots the gunman in the face in full bloody display while Thomas is free from his grip with Alfred rushing to Thomas and call for help” Master Wayne?! Are you alright?! Can you hear me?! Wayne?!

    “We see Thomas crying with joy for Alfred being by his side before he loses conscious with the ambulance & police arriving later on while the page turns to complete darkness again”

    THOMAS: Everything I worked for turned to ashes and my life would never be the same… I’ll never forget the day I became a new man and made a promise to my fallen loved ones I would rid the city from evil… By any means necessary. For I am the night.

    “glowing red eyes appear from the darkness”

    THOMAS: I am vengeance…

    “the glowing red eyes are getting closer every frame”

    THOMAS: I am… Batman.

    “Batman appears as a shadowy figure standing on the Gotham Cathedral in the red sky while bats are flying through Gotham with a sweeping view of the city”

    “We cut to years later and we get to see the city of Gotham in daylight while witnessing the every day activities of the citizens in the city by cutting to different citizens doing ordinary jobs like dry cleaning, doughnut shops, toy stores, pharmacies, clubs and etc. We cut to the frames of various TV’s playing the GNS 6 channel (Gotham News Station 6) reporting a news event headline:

    HENRY ENDWARD: Good morning Gotham City and we are live here at Gotham News Station 6 with a “killer” report! “long pause” Is anyone getting the joke here? No? Sorry, I’ll keep moving on with the news. I’m your host Henry Endward with the report of another tragic event befallen the city of Gotham yet again. Last Saturday during a Halloween Festival at the Gotham Central Park, 11 year old child, Mindy Sullivan, was kidnapped by the infamous child murderer known as “The Mother” and the GCPD are still investigating the whereabouts of the child if she’s even dead or alive at this point. The investigation is being led by Barbara Gordon, who’s the commissioner of the GCPD and the first woman to gain the role of commissioner in the history of GCPD, as she will not rest until the killer is found dead or alive for her crimes. Barbara has this to say during the interview at the Gotham Capitol at 10:00am:

    BARBARA: We will put everything in our power to find this killer and bring her to justice. Our forensics and investigation teams are at hard work to find out how this killer kidnaps the children without any citizen knowing her whereabouts and so far, we don’t have the answers but I’ll assure you, we’re gonna get this menace to our city before he or she puts more harm to our future children of Gotham. That’s all for now. “Barbara leaves while the media news journalists are calling her out for “not making Gotham a friendly place” or shaming her for letting their children die on her hands which means Barbara is a workaholic commissioner for the GCPD that establishes her as a confident yet flawed individual dealing her life as a citizen and officer for the law”

    HENRY: Good luck in catching the killer, Barbara! We at GNS 6 will support you and your sacrifices made to this city for the greater good! This is Henry Endward at GNS 6 and now for the Entertainment News at 11:00!

    “The TV gets turned off and we cut to a dark lonely house with a very vintage look while a feminine dark figure walks in, goes to the basement as we get to see the basement filled with dead corpses of previous kidnapped children while showing news clipping of all the child victims she took to her house, approaches a rusty cell, opens the cell and we see a tied up Mindy covered with injuries like punches and slaps in the body while she is crying out for her mother to protect her from the monster even with her mouth shut with needles in her lips. The Mother approaches, gently touches Mindy’s soft hair and talks in a feminine comforting yet unsettling voice.”

    THE MOTHER: Sssh… Sssh… There, there. Everything is how it should be. Be nice to your mother and you will be rewarded with the compassion you deserved. “She pulls out a clean kitchen knife and puts the knife in front of Mindy” You know what will happen if you disrespect mommy again don’t you? “Mindy quickly nods her head up and down” Good girl! Now, be a good child and behave. Mommy needs to shop for food for dinner. “The Mother leaves the cell and closes the cell” Be good now.

    “The Mother leaves the basement, closes it and hides it with a rug under the floor while showing a gentle smile on her face behind the Porcelain Doll mask that may have symbolism regarding her past life. Does it mean she’s connected to someone?”

    “Meanwhile at Wonder Babe’s Cafe & Restaurant”

    “We see a stylish restaurant filled with elegant imagery and retro architecture while Barbara is sitting on a table waiting to order her foor. A waitress arrives to write her order down but we the waitress is nervous since she’s shocked that the commissioner is eating at this restaurant and decides to just get it over with”

    WAITRESS: Hello Miss Barbara and welcome to Wonder Babe’s Cafe & Restaurant! What can I get for you?

    BARBARA: “looking at the menu with a stern focused look and puts the menu down” Do you have any specials today?

    WAITRESS: Well, we had the Carrot Crab Soup as the special item for the menu but we already sold out the item and it was the only special for today. I apologize for the item shortage but hopefully we’ll be selling the item again if you’re interested.

    BARBARA: It’s alright, I’ll have the goat steak and some water please.

    WAITRESS: Ok and would you like anything for dessert after the meal?

    BARBARA: I’ll think about it.

    WAITRESS: Sure thing.

    “the waitress writes the order down while Barbara is thinking of something until this popped on her mind”

    BARBARA: By the way, you called me “Miss Barbara” when you saw me on the table. Did you know me?

    “the waitress gets shocked by her question but she replies to her question anyway”

    WAITRESS: Of course! Everyone one here knows who you are and all the great things you did for Gotham City! Even if it doesn’t look like much, people like yourself helped me strive forward to improve my own life and we are all grateful for your risks as a commissioner. That and I watched your live broadcast at the Capitol while the crowd were booing you as a failure. It really must be rough trying to help people right?

    BARBARA: It sure is.

    WAITRESS: It makes you wonder why are citizens in Gotham such assholes lately?

    BARBARA: Who knows? Some expected me to fix the problem by sweeping it under the rug while others were thinking to just point fingers and play the blaming the game like mankind does throughout history. However, they should know I’m an average citizen like you and me just trying to solve a case deemed impossible by the court but I don’t give up until I crack it wide open and save as many lives as I can. Sure, you can say it’s frustrating but that’s what being a cop is all about: You have to be smart to your surroundings and everyone you’re around with or this city will eat you alive.

    WAITRESS: That sounds exhausting for a woman of your age.

    BARBARA: It is but at least I’m helping out the community as much as possible. Besides, I’m still young and won’t get older until a couple of years, so might as well enjoy the present.

    WAITRESS: “she smiles and lets a little giggle out” Well, I’ll send the order to the kitchen and the food will be ready in 10 minutes! Oh and my name is Alice! It’s still an honor to meet you in person. “shows her hand to shake”

    BARBARA: Commissioner Barbara ‘takes Alice hand and shakes” Great to meet you to.

    “Alice leaves to put the order in the kitchen. Barbara waits on the table while noticing a group of thugs entering the establishment with a very pissed attitude to boot”

    THUG 1: Where’s the manager of this shithole?! Come out here right now!

    “the thugs start pushing tables, throwing chairs, breaking windows and even harassing the employees/customers to get the manager to come out. Suddenly, one of the thugs manage to grab the manager (who was hiding in the dumpster to avoid contact I presume) and the situation gets more uncomfortable”

    THUG 2: Here you go, boss! Found this white trash hiding in the trash alley! Motherfucker thinks he’s clever by outsmarting us fools!

    THUG 3: What scumbag he is.

    MANAGER: “he’s panting due to his face being beaten up” You have no right coming here and making a mess out of my business. Leave this instant or I will call the co-

    “The manager gets punched in the intestines by the boss before he finishes the sentence and falls to the ground while the thugs laugh at him. We get a look at the boss who’s a Mexican drug lord known as “El Satan” and we see how serious the situation is regarding the manager’s actions”

    EL SATAN: Who do you think you’re messing with, pendejo? You forgotten about the little treaty we made to keep your worthless corpse alive by working for me and yet you make this little restaurant without MY permission or blessing just to keep the money for yourself? No mijo, that’s not how things work when working for me. Once you make a deal with the devil, you never… “grabs the manager and starts beating him up” EVER “shoves his head on the fish tank” BREAK “breaks his teeth with the chair and throws him at the picture walls of his employees while picking him up again to commit more pain” THE DEAL! “he finish him off with a sucker punch right through the manager’s forehead, gets knocked at the table and he is still breathing despite suffering massive bleeding as he tries to escape but one of the thugs grabs him and EL SATAN holds him at gunpoint if he tries to escape again”


    THUG 3: You are one feisty puncher, boss!

    EL SATAN: That I am, boys! Now, we will return the favor starting with that one.

    “whistles at the thugs to grab a employee and bring it to the boss which is Alice as she gets noticed, tries to run but only to get caught by the thug hiding in the kitchen, grabs Alice while she is trying to fight back but only to have her face broken by a firm bitch slap to Alice’s face which indicates abuse against an employee. Barbara, witnessing Alice’s abuse, gets pissed and is waiting for the right moment to strike back at the thugs & the boss”

    THUG 3: Got her boss and this bitch is a spicy one! She tried to break my teeth but I slapped back at this slut.

    ALICE: You… “spits blood at the boss face” damn pigs are gonna get what’s coming to you. Just you wait and see.

    “El Satan wipes the blood from his face and proceeds to punch her in the stomach and grab her by the hair as strongly as possible while whipping out a hunting knife to carve her flesh as a sort of decoration for his wall”

    EL SATAN: You skin will fit nicely with the dogs. Say good-bye to your little friend, buddy.


    “Just as Barbara was about to gundown the boss and thugs, the lights go out as the customers and everyone around the restaurant start to freak out. Suddenly, we see glimpses of a shadowy bat appearing and re-appearing over & over again that’s making the thugs very worried as they’re starting to have massive hysteria but the lights go up again with everyone startled yet confused as to what just happened. Suddenly, one of the thugs noticed Barbara and pulls out his gun”

    THUG 1: She’s a cop! Shoot her down!

    “Barbara gets noticed and just as the thug was about to shoot her down, a Batarang comes flying towards him at incredible speed hitting him on the throat which breaks his bones and dies out. One of the thugs starts screaming for no reason than being scared shitless but he gets knocked out by Batman from behind while the lights start going in and out as we see glimpses of the thugs & Batman fighting hand to hand combat against each other but Batman beats him by breaking his arm and shoves down the boiling oil which burns his entire head as a little reference to the death scene regarding the Rorschach prison scene with the black prison inmate from the Watchmen film. Also, we see Alice fight back and as the thug 2 tries to hold her, Alice stabs the thug with the knife tool in the heart and dies while Alice flees to the counter to hide from the massive fight happening at the restaurant. Suddenly, Batman, still looking as a shadowy figure, stares back at the boss and starts walking towards him”

    EL SATAN: Back off! Stop or I will kill everyone around here! I MEAN IT!

    “Despite the threats, Batman keeps on walking towards him knowing full well he won’t dare to shoot Batman as the boss looks around and realizes he’s fucked either way. He tries to escape by shooting the whole place as a distraction while Barbara ducks under the table (god bless them tables!) and makes his escapes. He runs fast to the alleys in the south of Gotham and sighs for a few minutes while talking to himself on how “lucky” he was to escape from the shadowy figure”

    EL SATAN: Still know how to make a fine escape. So long, amigos. It’s been a great pleasure to wo-

    “EL Satan gets grabbed by thin air while screaming for dear life and gets pushed to the roof by the shadowy figure. He tries to run but he gets knocked out and falls to the ground again while still breathing. He turns around and discovers it’s Batman as he was following him without getting noticed. We also get to see how Batman looks as the fog starts to disappear while the nigh becomes a beautiful red painting including a big muscular physique to deal off punches or kicks since we might see villains with great strength and Batman needs to work out his body to face some of the larger opponents in Gotham, the suit being black & grey with the bat symbol being all red while having black shoulder horn paladins and combat boots with equipped blades to slash anyone foolish enough to grab Batman by the legs and get their throats slashed out (I’m getting obsessed by this slash throat thing). El Satan is spooked by his presence and Batman starts to intimidate him.”

    BATMAN: El Satan. Formerly known as Richard Montegro, age 50, you work as a smuggler for drugs and pass off shipments filled with meth or acid containment in exchange for classified information. I’ve been tracking you for quite a while now and today, you just made my day easier than it should have been.

    RICHARD: “still freaked out” W-W-W-W-What do you want with a smuggler like me then? I was in the middle of teaching that bastardo a lesson but you come here and kill off my men! Who do you think you are-

    “Batman grabs him by the shirt and the conversation starts to get real terrifying”

    BATMAN: The last thing you want to do is waste my time if you don’t start giving me the names of the people I want to know or else.

    RICHARD: Or what cabron! Kill me?! You don’t have the ba-

    “gets interrupted when Batman breaks his arm while screaming violently (which means this is a hardocre Batman that doesn’t fuck around!) while Barbara, who was chasing the boss down, notices the scream coming from the roof and starts to climb up. Meanwhile with Batman.”

    BATMAN: Talk!

    “screams violently while starting to cry and talk at the same time”

    RICHARD: OK, I’ll talk! I don’t know everyone but the ones I know are Fridruich Von Garlsden, Garven Hashwort & Dean Kolver! Those are the only names I know, Bats! I swear to Santa Maria and God himself are the names I know! Please let me go!

    “Batman keeps staring at the boss if he’s either lying or telling the truth but decides to let him go, Richard falls to the ground and tries to hold his broken arm while panting like crazy.”

    BATMAN: Well… What are you sitting on the ground for? Leave now.

    “Meanwhile, Barbara gets to the roof and witnesses Batman for the first time while seeing Richard in pain. Shocked to see Batman to be a real myth, she pulls out her gun at Batman and tries to arrest him.”

    BARBARA: FREEZE! Put your hands up where I can see em and don’t pull any tricks.

    “Batman complies and puts his hands up while walking towards Barbara. However, Richard, seeing Batman putting his hands up and wants him to pay for breaking his arm, pulls out a Revolver from his jeans (reference!) while adding the bullets to the magnum, starts getting up slowly and begins to point his gun at Barbara by framing Batman as the killer and he could get away scott free. Big mistake.”

    RICHARD: “starts to growl” No one… “points the gun at Barbara from far away while starting to yell back at them” WILL LEAVE THIS ROOF ALIIIIIIVEE!

    “Barbara and Batman were late to notice but Richard shoots first injuring Barbara that almost had the bullet went through the heart if it wasn’t for Barbara jumping in the last second to save Batman by taking the bullet to the shoulder. Batman starts running towards Richard while Richard shoots like crazy, Batman grabs him by the throat with one arm and Richard starts to get choked while ditching one last effort to kill Batman by shooting through the head. He points the revolver at Batman and yells.”


    “Just as Richard pulls the trigger on Batman, the revolver back fires and Richard’s head gets shot instead. Barbara wakes up from her injury in the shoulder, she witnesses Batman holding a dead Richard with his arm while Gotham rains with the red skies and the yellow moon still intact, Batman drops the body and holds his fists due to how much of an idiot Richard was.”

    BATMAN: Fool… You should have left when you had the chance.

    “Batman notices Barbara’s injured shoulder, goes towards her and helps her to get up while the police are arriving at the scene of the crime and Batman takes Barbara with her with the Bat-Ship as they soar to the red night skies to the nearest hospital. Barbara is losing conscious due to the bleeding while Batman tries to get her to the nearest hospital in Gotham and telling Barbara to hang in there”.

    “Hours later as we see Barbara regaining conscious at the Brickswell Hospital while recovering in bed from her injury while Alice, the waitress from the restaurant, came to see how she’s holding up.”

    ALICE: Barbara! You’re all right!

    BARBARA: *groans and sighs for a while but starts to stress herself out* Huh? W-What happened? Where’s the Batman? How did I get here?! What happened to the bo- “her arm starts to hurt due to not being recovered yet and starts to moan in pain while Alice tries to calm her down in her bed”

    ALICE: Take it easy. You’re still hurt and the doctor says you need to recover for a week until you go back working on the force. As for Batman, he’s the one who took you to this hospital while also paying the bills to your injury at the desk center.

    BARBARA: He… paid my bill? With what money?

    ALICE: He wouldn’t tell me but he’s the one who came to me and told me everything about last night on the roof in Gotham South Park. I came to the hospital to keep an eye on you and “pulls out a tazer gun out of her handbag” fight off any thug or intruder who wanted you dead. Didn’t want you to get hurt again after what happened at the restaurant.

    *Barbara is processing this information while thinking whenever or not Batman is an ally to crime or justice but she lets out a sigh and relaxes for a bit while smiling back at Alice”

    BARBARA: Honestly, I’m just glad you’re here unharmed. I should have been on my guard yet I let it down and look what happened: Your restaurant is a mess to work with now. Although, if it wasn’t for this “Batman” vigilante, we would wind up dead on the floor and I wanted to thank him for saving my ass back there. After that, I really need to go on a vacation and take my mind off this city for a few weeks.

    ALICE: That sounds great. Also, before he left, he wanted me to give you this “hands over the card to Barbara”.

    BARBARA: A business card?

    ALICE: You could say that but it’s from Batman. I think it’s a message for you.

    “Alice hands the card to Barbara, she reads it and says *Meet me at 10:30pm at the Gotham Cathedral. Come alone.* with a bat symbol written on it.”

    BARBARA: Thanks, I very much appreciate your cooperation.

    ALICE: No problem. *checks the clock and sees she’s late to go home* Sorry but I have to go! I have to be home before 11:00pm or my parents will be pissed off for being late again. I’ll check up on you in a few days all right?

    BARBARA: I can manage but I don’t mind the company either. I’ll wait for as much as I can.

    ALICE: All right, talk to you real soon. Thanks for everything, commissioner!

    “Alice runs off to get home while Barbara rests on her bed and thinks of her encounter with Batman while wondering who he is. She stares at the sky as the bats fly out to the bright yellow moon.”

    BARBARA: Who are you, Batman?




    “Meanwhile in an anonymous location in Gotham”

    MYSTERIOUS BOSS: So… El Satan is dead. “smokes the cigar and puts it out” How predictably disappointing. May I ask why he failed yet again?

    MYSTERIOUS EMPLOYEE 1: It appears he was going to kill off a manager who owned him money and destroy his business. He almost succeeded until The Bat came killing his whole gang including the boss.

    MYSTERIOUS EMPLOYEE 2: He killed one of our gangs again?! How are we getting beat up by some lunatic asshole dressed as a bat?!?!

    MYSTERIOUS BOSS: Be quiet. Go on.

    MYSTERIOUS EMPLOYEE 1: The boss died from a malfunction due to the revolver reload mechanism backfiring from behind. “puts the broken revolver in his boss’s desk” This is what we recovered from the scene.

    MYSTERIOUS BOSS: *looks at the gun while much disgust and comes up with a plan* Looks like it’s time to take matters on my own hands.

    “The mysterious boss calls to an associate of his and turns out to be “The Mother” as he picks the phone and answers to the boss”

    THE MOTHER: Hello? Oh, good evening boss. How can I be of assistance on this cold pleasant night?

    MYSTERIOUS BOSS: Are you up for the job?

    THE MOTHER: Of course as long as the pay is good to support my “passion” *stares at the cell where the children are held prisoners. Suddenly, her face changes from shocked to being excited to take the job in a heartbeat* Don’t worry, my little moth… *stares as the newspaper clippings of Barbara making the front page about how she is now commissioner to the GCPD meaning Barbara’s life is only gonna get worse* The job is in good hands.


    "The world is merciless and it's also very beautiful."


    Any positives or negative criticisms are welcomed and I’ll be sure to look into it when I get to write on Chapter 2. Still, have fun with Chapter 1 and let me know if you want more out of this story.

    "The world is merciless and it's also very beautiful."


    Just based off chapter one, this looks fantastic and definitely delivers on the dark setting. Please keep writing this!


    Just based off chapter one, this looks fantastic and definitely delivers on the dark setting. Please keep writing this!

    Thank you! I’m happy you enjoyed reading it! So far, I’m brainstorming ideas for Chapter 2 and I’ll let you know for future updates!

    "The world is merciless and it's also very beautiful."


    Hey, just letting you know I will start writing Chapter 2 on November! More updates will come soon!

    "The world is merciless and it's also very beautiful."

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