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    A few months ago on May 29, Kaleb Korger created a group dedicated to the rapid growing podcast of CCS known as CCS Fan-Club and the past months have been hard to get any notice on the group but as of now, the fan club has reached over 17 members in a couple of days (most of them are friends of mine and others are not) and right now, I recently sign the duty of being an admin for the group to keep an eye out on the group and to make sure it doesn’t go overboard with trolls or people that might jump in the group for spamming or attention (I edited down the settings to make sure stuff like this doesn’t occur).

    Anyone who’s interested in joining can go to Facebook (just type “Cheshire Cat Studios: Fan-Club” on the search bar and join in) and be a part of the community of CCS. I’ll make sure you guys are in and let Kaleb know about the plans of the group.

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