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    Jakob Morris
    Jakob Morris

    To quote the Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier team on their Facebook page

    “Hey everyone, sorry for the random post and I know most of you have no idea what is going on. The situation with console modding is slowly getting out of hand which has some people reminiscing the paid mods incident. This entire situation has been extremely frustrating to see unfold.

    Here is the quick rundown of what is going on and why there have been a lot of fighting/drama. Fortunately for us we’re not really affected since this situation is mainly a FO4 problem. However, the future of modding looks grim.

    As you know console modding was recently released and Bethesda themselves claimed that it had 50x more traffic than PC mods. Apparently, 89% of FO4 shipped was on a console. This leads to a HUGE influx of new modders that have no idea on things like mutual respect of modders, load order, mod stability, etc.

    Lately a lot of these console users have been stealing people’s content from the Nexus and reuploading them as their own on Some of these people probably don’t know anything about credits and permission. Others frankly don’t care and I’ve seen it kill a lot of modder’s passion for modding. Some thieves even boasted that have received donations for work they stole. Bethesda doesn’t really seem to care too much about the current situation because it takes forever to take these stolen mods down. Just recently, Bethesda just announced a method to file a complaint of a stolen so it could be removed.
    Robin aka Darkone of the Nexus wrote an excellent post on why this method will not work and it seems extremely ignorant to the modding community. It’s an excellent read and I encourage people to read up on it.

    In addition a lot of these console people have been messaging, begging, yes even threatening modders to release their mods on the console. A lot even support mod stealing arguing that the mod author “wasn’t going to do it”, or ” was too slow”, or “He’s an asshole so let’s upload his stuff” etc.

    Because of console modding situation at hand, many modders are either quitting, hiding their mods or “poisoning” their own mods. Yes some modders are actually using F4SE to crash a console player’s games if the mod was stolen. I have never heard of such a thing but look at what modders are resorting too. That’s how desperate some of the modders got. When is the last time you have heard modders implementing “Crashing” features.

    I hope Bethesda does something to rectify this situation before they lose a modders… and they need to do it REAL fast.

    Thank you to the people who read this long rant.

    TLDR Console modding may have killed the modding community.”

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