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    “Why am I here?”

    “Unfortunately, you have said some…provocative statements that a small but very vocal minority have taken issue with. According to your records, you have a history of pulling little stunts like this. Therefore, I must mute you.”

    “…I’m sorry but I am not sure I follow.”

    “The procedure is similar to debarking. No one likes to listen to a noisy dog. Granted, there may be underlying issues of why a dog might excessively bark but no one wants to invest the time analyzing a dog. They get a veterinarian to remove some tissue from the vocal cords, softening the dog’s bark.”

    “What does this have to do with me?”

    “Our society has grown intolerant to controversial ideas and opinions that challenge the perspectives of others. They want to feel safe. Insulated. Certain topics cause them to feel uneasy…offended…threatened. The authorities have employed different tactics over the years to solve this issue. One of them is muting. It erases those unsafe voices for the benefit of the public. Though, unlike debarking, I will remove the entirety of your vocal cords.”

    “…That whole concept sounds idiotic. It hinders open discussion and change in society.”

    “Yes. Like most of your opinions I’ve heard, I agree with your statement. To tell you the truth, I feel a little guilty doing this to you.”

    “Then why don’t you stop?”

    “Because I am the dog who learned to obey his master. You are the cur who must be brought to heel.”

    Rabid ecstasy, 1997

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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