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    Starship Titanic
    Starship Titanic

    Hey guys, just share any drinking game that you may use.
    I’ll start with a small game I came up with for the CCS podcast.
    Take a sip if
    *Duck Tales is mentioned
    *Nintendo is mocked
    -Take a shot if thst leads into E3 being mentioned
    *Laughingman begins ranting
    *Anita Sarkessian is mentioned
    *Someone interrupts/cuts off another cast member
    -Take a shot if it’s Kenny who does so

    Take a shot if
    * Someone gets extremely pissed and/or starts shouting/gets very loud
    -Take another shot if it’s Laughingman
    *The conversation goes completely off track with no revelance to the actual topic
    -Take another shot if it takes longer than a minute to get back on track
    *Someone starts singing/musical or video interlude
    *Fanboy moment
    * Someone makes a creepy sex joke
    – Take a sip if it’s Cinemax who makes the joke
    -Finish your drink if it’s directed at another cast member
    * Self deprecating jokes
    -Take a sip if it’s Bmask making the joke

    Finish your drink if
    *Dark Master makes an appearance
    *Dead silence is heard
    *LM×CM is mentioned
    *Laughingman falls off his chair
    *Someone has a complete breakdown
    * Nintendo is praised

    (If you do use this I am not to blame if you get alcohol poisoning)

    "Lick my blinky diodes, I'm the hero today"
    - Aaron Stack/Machine Man


    Even if you stuck with the “sip your drink” part, you’d get alcohol poisoning…
    …I like it.

    The only thing is that there should be added options for the livestreams, although not everyone would be able to play (incentive for donating, eh? ;D). Shots for when a guest says “I don’t know what to talk about” and whenever a game developer other than Nintendo is mentioned as a discussion topic? Take a sip for whenever Katie/her abilities are praised or if someone’s camera is accidentally on? Finish your drink if LM or Cinemax actually ask you to leave on your camera, compliment you, or if anyone mentions a person in the chat and answers them directly.

    Either way, I know what I’ll be doing once the next group podcast comes out!

    “We're actors — we're the opposite of people!”
    ― Tom Stoppard, "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead"

    Starship Titanic
    Starship Titanic

    Whoops, I forgot about the livestreams! Thanks for adding those in.

    Anyways, I like to say thst it’s not a good drinking game unless you have to switch over to a nonalcoholic beverage 2/3 of the way through to avoid blacking out.

    "Lick my blinky diodes, I'm the hero today"
    - Aaron Stack/Machine Man


    can someone put up the URL to the livestreams?
    I’ve been meaning to watch them for awhile now.

    We live to play and let's players play to live. Life isn't easy but it sure is fun.


    ROFL! Nice list! I’ll try it on the next recording 😉


    Take a sip for whenever Katie/her abilities are praised or if someone’s camera is accidentally on?

    Can I just praise myself and then drink my whole drink? |:D heheheheheheh


    I do have an idea for a drinking game. It’s called The Final Fantasy X & X-2 drinking game

    Take a shot if:

    Tidus starts saying something stupid and won’t shut up about how “this character” ruined everything

    Yuna gets kidnapped and does nothing in the story to ease the situation

    Going through dumb ideas that will obviously never work

    Seymour being killed and bought back to life again or every time you laugh at his hair

    You cringed and raged an the HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! scene of Tidus and Yuna

    Yuna going with ideas so ridiculously moronic, you will fall off your chair and die laughing while being drunk

    Everytime Shuyin goes all emo on “how evil and corrupted Spira has become” bullshit ramblings.

    Laughing at the citizens of Spira’s clothing.

    You threw your laptop after watching X-2’s “real” ending.

    "The world is merciless and it's also very beautiful."

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