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    Make what you will of these reviews.
    My university’s anime club was invited to an early screening of the movie, so I will be seeing the movie tomorrow (Wednesday Mar 29th) and again on Saturday with a friend. While I am somewhat nervous after reading the more negative reviews (and the 67% score on RT), honestly for some reason the more negative reviews don’t seem as specific as the more positive reviews. The negative reviews just boil down to “this is cliched, ScarJo so white, too much action, looks like cosplay, too much CGI”, while the more positive reviews seem more specific about the merits and flaws of the movie.
    Also according to the more positive reviews, Scarlett Johanson’s performance as the Major is effective and worth seeing (perhaps this will be the Batfleck Effect, where a casting choice goes from being one of the most hated aspects of a coming film to being one of the most praised aspects of the film).
    Basically I am having my fingers crossed for this movie.



    Actually, it now has a 71% score on RT.



    More early reviews have come in. Having read most of them (not just the ones RT has put on their site as of now), it seems like that some people see this as a streamlined but nuanced science fiction blockbuster while others see it as shallow and generic. Honestly a good amount of the negative reviews don’t seem to be as fleshed out as the more positive reviews; they seem to rely too much on comparisons to Oshii’s film and a few seem more like rants than reviews.
    From what I have gather from the reviews, it appears that ScarJo’s performance as the Major is a highlight of the film (perhaps we have another Ben Affleck cast as Batman situation here). The world feels immersive, combining CGI with practical effects. The movie seems heavily influenced by Blade Runner, the Matrix, as well as other cyberpunk movies (according to the reviews at least).
    There is some criticism directed at the CEO character (this version of Cutter) for being a little too cliche as a villain. Michael Pit’s version Kuze however seems to be the more fleshed out ‘villain’, with reviews likening his performance, positively, to something Frankenstein like.
    One criticism is that the philosophical ideas of the film are a lot of the times presented in expositional dialogue. Nevertheless the movie does actually have ideas and themes.
    What do y’all think; does the movie seem to be a hit or miss?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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