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    Shinra Kuroki
    Shinra Kuroki

    So I notice that some YouTube channels and internet personalities get big because they cover some internet drama and then they bust when the outrage subsides. Some channels decide to keep covering the next internet drama in hopes of caputring the same view count as their previous works, usually to little or no avail. It seems to be a very common fate for some, especially when it seems the content over shadows the individual. It’s a lot like Let’s Plays series. A YouTuber who is over shadowed by the game will lose views when he moves to the next game or if he moves to a game not as prominent or hyped as the previous one. A YouTuber who is charismatic and funny will have people watch him even if he plays the video game equivalent of the dictionary.

    I have a lot of respect for Channels who diversify their content, especially when they know at first they’ll going to get hit pretty hard. People don’t like change and the high views that you get when constantly covering controversies is very tempting. The problem with constantly chasing after drama is that you will corner yourself into an intellectual corner. People who come to a channel to tell them what they already know/want to hear have no loyalty, and when the next controversy comes along, you better hope they also 100% agree with your next opinion or else you’ll be branded a traitor. Each new controversy you cover will make your potential maximum audience smaller and smaller while also making your content more and more niche.

    I bring this up because there has been some GamerGate Drama lately in my Twitter feed. It looks like TheRalphReport is mad at Leo the Pirate (@theLEOpirate) and at Lo-Ping (@GamingAndPandas). I unfollowed TheRalphReport a long time ago when he was reporting on someone Pro-GG who got doxxed. TheRalphReport retweeted the doxxing tweet and I asked him to take it down and repost the tweet with the doxxing info blacked out. He refused saying something along the lines that it had so many favorites and retweets. He also said it was ok since he got the ok from the person being doxxed to repost it as is. Doxxing is bad, but whats even worse is saying doxxing is bad while still spreading that information to even more people. The fact someone was doxxed becomes moot if the person doxxed gives his permission for someone else to spread his doxxed information all over the internet.

    I still read TheRalphReport when some of his articles are retweeted into my feed, but it’s clear he’s more concerned with his eCeleberity status than somethings that most people in GamerGate prioritize. Many people are saying that a prophesy that Internet Aristocratic laid out when he left GG is coming true, that it’ll be revealed that some people only joined GG to self promote themselves and make money off it. I think it’s stupid to always have a paranoid inclination to always think someones motives are the opposition of how they act. Some people want to make a job out of writing articles and making YouTube videos and it’s ok for them to have the effort rewarded with money if people choose to consume their product (watch/read their content without addblock on). If TheRalphReport wants to use GG converge to drive people to go see his content, I’m fine with that, but I don’t think he’s going to maintain much of a readership once he is forced to cover something other than GG.

    TL;DR A eCeleberity that is born from covering controversy will fade along side that controversy if they don’t have any talent. If they do the fools errand of constantly chasing new controversy, they will find their relevance wane over time.

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