For the first time ever, Puerto Rico finally has an IMAX theater

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    Yesterday, I got an early V.I.P. look at the brand new Caribbean Cinemas theaters at the Montehiedra Mall (thanks to my older sister who works at the company Mars) with a huge IMAX salon with wide open screens and top notch 3D system for an experience like no other, brand new arcade room, a newly-renovated deli and improved space to all theater rooms with renovated chairs and space for legs. Historically, this is the first IMAX theaters we ever had as everyone in Puerto Rico had to wait 20 years for our business and IMAX themselves to negotiate a deal to bring IMAX to PR. If the IMAX becomes a success, it opens up for new experiences and possibly rebuild our mall in Montehiedra to bring it back to it’s glory days. (for those who never been to PR, Montehiedra is a mall that was once a hot spot for hangouts and shopping sprees but now it’s a ghost town due to the country getting hit with the economy and the fact our government is wasting billions of dollars in useless shit instead of investing the money on fixing the problem or enforce laws to ensure stability in our country). Today, the IMAX theater opens it’s doors to the public and tomorrow, I will see Warcraft in IMAX 3D, which means it’s my first ever IMAX film I will ever watch (SQUEE!) while I take & share photos of the new refurnished theaters.

    Also new for the theaters is the new “4DX” and basically it’s a new experimental theater experience that works like an amusement park ride with the rocking moving seats & it’s unique effects systems that blows wind in your face, smoke comes out of the room and water drops from the ceiling while watching the film in either 2D or 3D. It’s still in the works since it will open next week on June 16 but we got invited to test it out and I really liked it so far… Just need to make sure I don’t eat any food or popcorn before watching a film in the 4DX room or I will regret it for the rest of my life.

    I know the topic is not the most “talk worthy” here but I just wanted to share it with you guys and hopefully tomorrow, I can share the experience with you guys once I’m done. I’m so freaking pumped!!

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