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    Shinra Kuroki
    Shinra Kuroki

    Gawker, after posting numerous unethical articles, has finally filed for bankruptcy. The killing blow belongs to Hulk Hogan, who sued the site after it posted a sex tape of him without his consent, & then continued hosting the video even after a judge told them to take it down. Gawker was slaughter in the court of law, having a former editor say that the only reason they wouldn’t post a celebrity sex tape was if it was of a 4 year old kind of crippled their case. Gawker didn’t come out of the court case looking good, a fact that even the strongest spin articles made by it allies in the press didn’t curtail.

    Gawker has also been losing readers left & right since siding against the journalism ethics movement know as GamerGate. Gawker media has published many hit pieces against the GamerGate movement, only leading to GamerGate exposing more & more of it’s unethical practices. To see a nicely compiled list of these offences, try looking up Gawker & it’s sister sites at “”.

    The internet is celebrating Gawker’s downfall & pray that other unethical sites will take this as a stern warning. Gawkers unethical practices have finally caught up with it. While the Hulk Hogan case did expedite the process, the loss in traffic has done it’s toll, causing it head of advertising, Andrew Gorenstein, to admit that GamerGate has cost Gawker over a million dollars in ad revenue. Gawker’s fate is the future for sites that still refuse to raise their ethical standards.

    Gawker will most likely be auctioned off after it is though with it’s bankruptcy procedure.

    "Now, I’ve forgiven the world and myself, too. I teach myself to smile again. One day I’ll get there, I know I will. Even if it takes me not nine, but nine hundred lives." -Susan Ashworth from The Cat Lady


    Surprising absolutely no one.


    I’m genuinely conflicted. My schadenfreude is on overdrive and my “V for Victory” two fingers are turned around as a big European “fuck you, unethical victim card playing bastards”, but politically I’m wondering if this isn’t a bad thing in the long term.

    Gawker has made itself well-known in the Internet and gaming communities as nothing short of disreputable. They were pivotal in the mass ‘spinning’ of #GamerGate, the Game Journalism ethics movement (people called foul on a female game developer, Zoey Quinn, allegedly having sexual relations with MULTIPLE members of the gaming press and directly influencing her game ratings) as a movement that hates women existing within the “boys club” gaming industry (aforementioned game developer being assaulted simply for having a vagina and a voice). All of that despite women existing in gaming culture since its inception (female characters in games, gamers, and developers), but not adhering to some sense of egalitarianism. Of course, when you’re the one doing the reporting on corruption within your own industry/job/etc, a deflection is usually apt.

    When evidence and backlash began to mount, they played themselves off as typical SJWs (ie: “CRY-BULLY FASCISTS”) do by double-downing on the “-ism card” for a lazy, knee-jerk “win” in the eyes of the uninformed mass media. The equivalent of putting a stick in the spokes of their own bicycle, and then crying about crashing and getting a scraped knee because “the stick is a bigot.”

    But then Gawker crossed the line of responsible journalism against ‘big money’ by outing a homosexual tech billionaire and perpetuating Hulk Hogan’s sex tape (too many details to list…)

    I’ve read the case information, but every time I read it there’s some new piece of information that keeps my opinion bouncing back and forth. Now the judgment is in and I’m no less conflicted as before.

    If there’s any truth to American politics and the passing of bills is that slippery-slopes do exist, and I hope that it doesn’t open the floodgates for disastrous media regulations that could choke-out the free press entirely. People with money could sue the press into silence because some vague differentiations like “public persona vs private persona”, further empowering classism and how rules are interpreted for “the elite”.

    Ideally, a public pushback (“hit their wallets”) would have sufficed without the need for a court hearing and ruling, but sadly the #GamerGate movement wasn’t as organized as it should have been.

    So yeah… I’m just waiting to see how this will play out for other news media sites when the public and/or millionaires come knocking.

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