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    Shinra Kuroki
    Shinra Kuroki

    If I was a smart gay guy, I would totally be a third wave feminist. Not because 3rd wave feminism is correct on anything, but because 3rd wave feminism would drive straight men into the arms of gay men if we let it run wild long enough. You have no idea how trope-y the straight guy turned gay is in gay erotica and romance. Tyra Banks even had a show about the fetish gay porn called gay for pay (allegedly straight men staring in gay porn for money) back in the day. It really feeds on just about every gay guys experience of having a crush on a straight guy.

    So, why would I stand against 3rd wave feminism when I could make every teenage gay guys dream come true of getting to bed their straight crush? Well, because I don’t want other people to experience the same injustices I’ve experienced. Because being shammed for my sexuality hurt me emotionally & psychologically (and I only experienced what is mild compared to other LGBT people). Because I want what everyone else wants, to be treated equal, to be treated base off of my ability & character.

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX General Rant about 3rd wave feminism incoming XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    There are many things about 3rd wave feminism and social justice that just make me absolutely livid. To name a few, I hate their insistence we stack the legal system against men accused of rape. The burden of proof is on the accuser for a really good reason and the attempts to subvert this is immoral, unconscionable, and inhumane. Making someone have to prove they are not guilty is just asking for miscarriages of justice. Feminists don’t consider the ramifications of their actions at best, and are deliberately callous to the plight they have viciously burdened onto men by their calls for unjust actions.

    Another issue I have is with “Feminist Analysis”, also know as “Everything is sexist/problematic”. When you start off your analysis under the assumption that things are oppressing women, you come up with some really stupid ideas on what constitutes as misogyny. One need only point out the absurdity of man spreading to see how detached from reality 3rd wave feminism has become. The question feminists ask when conducting “research” is not “Is this sexist or does this oppress women?” it is “How is this sexist and how does this oppress me?”. Feminists stop at forming a hypothesis and never test them to scrutiny. One cannot ever say correlation doesn’t equal causation to them, because they usually don’t even prove correlation. There is not one feminist hypothesis that I couldn’t create an equally valid hypothesis that shows how a trope is beneficial to women. Damsels in distress shows men they need to protect women, scantly clad women normalize women should be able to wear whatever they want & not be sexually assaulted over it; both these hypotheses are just as valid as anything Antia has presented until they (and her hypotheses) are tested with a cogent, non-biased experiment with acquitted sample size & proper statistical analysis.

    Lastly, I hate the social shamming. Loneliness breeds insanity, and that’s the goal of 3rd wave feminism to do to anyone who disagrees with them. People often are not cognizant of how are friends and acquaintances effect our perception of normalcy and morality. When no one has an opinion that matters to you, you are free to become as immorally grotesque as you desire. It’s a foreign concept to people who have always had someone to call friends or a supportive family, so don’t dismiss it outright if you’ve never felt completely alone in the entire universe. I would go on to say how 3rd wave feminism is basically exacerbating the problems it’s trying to fix, but that topic was basically implied with how unscientific (& sometimes anti-science) feminism has become referenced in the last paragraph.

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX General Rant about 3rd wave feminism over XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    So, what promoted me to write this. Well I start two topics about how SJWs are moving towards turning on gay men;


    Well, while I was collecting homophobic instances in feminism and social justice, the YouTuber Sargon of Akkad decided to do the same thing for a video he made.

    Inspired by the video, Breitbart’s Milo Yiannnopoulos wrote a lovely article declaring most gay men’s desire to divorce themselves from 3rd wave radical feminism.


    Both Sargon’s video & Milo’s article has inspired some gay guys to tweet in the hashtag #GaysAgainstFeminism, myself included. It seems my hypothesis of feminism wanting gay men to start believing in their all controlling boogeyman of patriarchy now that we’re getting close to having legal equality is seeming more likely everyday now. Hopefully the resurgence of homophobia from SJWs and feminism, not the zealous religious, will finally expose the inherent insanity in both ideologies. I hope more gay men will see & use the hashtag. I want to stand as an equal to straight people. I clearly see how 3rd wave feminism doesn’t desire that, and I’m tired of them using homophobia as faux evidence that their boogeyman the patriarchy exists.


    How vain do you have to be to make homophobia all about women? Well, I have a new definition of homophobia for those homophobes who only liked us gay men when they could use our oppression to further their own political and ideological agendas:

    Homophobia: The fear that a gay man will treat you the way you treat straight white men.

    "Now, I’ve forgiven the world and myself, too. I teach myself to smile again. One day I’ll get there, I know I will. Even if it takes me not nine, but nine hundred lives." -Susan Ashworth from The Cat Lady

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