Generation Z: A New Wave of Conservatism?

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    Not sure how conclusive this will be: Teenagers are more or less still forming their political ideologies and a lot could change in even just three or four years. But considering how insane some Millennials are and their outright demand for conformity to Leftism, is it any wonder that the younger generation would push back against that? If I was fifteen right now and saw young adults at colleges and universities acting like petulant toddlers, I’d want nothing to do with that, either (heck, I’d even think about skipping higher education and go straight into work).

    Not to mention, who seems cooler? Who seems more entertaining to follow and look up to? The likes of Emma Watson wagging her finger at you and lecturing you about how men must adopt feminism while refusing to acknowledge why people might take issue with the movement? Or someone like Milo Yiannopoulos who pisses off the moral guardians and basically says that it’s okay to disagree with them?

    We’ll see what happens in 2020, but I’d be lying if I said there isn’t some small part of me that hopes Gen Z will help vote for Republicans to stay in the White House, just to watch the ashen faces of Regressives as their ideology is rejected once more.

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