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    Quoth the Raven:

    “With Cole Black’s memory lost, his job is to find out why a teenage girl has a bomb strapped to her chest. GET EVEN’s twisted tale will have players questioning their perceptions of reality and the true meaning of justice as they unravel the mystery of how Cole ended up in the asylum and the fate of that teenage girl. GET EVEN will deliver an unparalleled sense of immersion through the use of Auro-3D acoustics technology from Auro Technologies.”

    TL;DR You are a West End thug that has amnesia. The great adventure game kickstarter. Sorry if this is running long but seriously, if the average adventure game was a mental condition, the first symtpom would be amnesia and the next (probably) the impulsive desire to knock perfect strangers out, strip them bare, and then wear there clothing. Or, kleptomania. Take your pick. But seriously, if poor Cole was any more East End he’d be fucking Robert E. O. Speedwagon.

    Kidding aside, Bandai Namco did me a solid with Dark Souls 3–unlike #FucKonami–so I’ll keep a pin in their new IP. In the meantime, I’mma bungle my way through a few titles on my backlog.

    For the likely few of you people that recognize the name Tristram Shandy, congrats! Your obscure tastes and trivial literary insight has not prevailed you to LITERALLY ANYTHING. AGAIN.

    For the normal people uninformed, think Buccanno!, just about every Guy Ritchie crime flick, Chris Nolan Movies like Momento or Batman Begins (sorta), and the general ability in some open world video games or tabletop RPGs (Choo! Choo!) to progress the story in a non-logical fashion–instead of Event A => Event B => Event C => Event D => End Credits, think Event A => Event I <=> Event K => Event 9 => Event j => D => End Credits.

    Kinda how my mind processes information, really. Being autistic isn’t fun.Contrary to the shit you see on YouTube.

    If the scatterbrain plot line intrigued you, MrBtogune’s got an excellent overview of the concept he’s dubbed “Shandification”:

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