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    New member here. Hi!

    What are people’s feelings on the whole Ghostbusters reboot situation?

    For those that aren’t in the know, this week there’s been some interesting news that Sony has set up a new production company called Ghost Corps, which is supposed to handle all the Ghostbusters films from now on, starting with Paul Feig’s all-female cast. Ghostcorps will be led by Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd. Furthermore, it has been announced that a male-centric Ghostbusters film is in the works with a ‘core creative team’ of Channing Tatum (also to star maybe??), Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3 writer) and the Russo Brothers (directors of Capt America 2 and 3). Chris Pratt is also reportedly wanted for the male line up.

    There are rumours that a shared cinematic universe is planned for Ghostbusters with the female and male teams meeting in a crossover film. Not confirmed by Sony tho.

    There’s plenty to talk about on this I think? Should Ghostbusters have been rebooted? How do you guys feel about the female cast/Girlbusters? Gimmick, doomed, good or bad casting choices? Does the shared cinematic universe seem like a good fit for Ghostbusters to you? Who would be your dream cast for the newly announced Guysbusters? (thats how i will refer to them probably)

    Also feel free to talk about the ”unanimous overwhelming misogynistic reaction” to Girlbusters announcement and casting choices? I didnt really notice it myself both online and IRL and was kind of disappointed in the way it was widely reported.

    I’ll post my thoughts later.


    It’s pretty late here so I will make a short post then expand on it later but I always felt that the reason that Ghostbusters was so successful was a combination of the directing, the actors and the characters. The way that all came together on screen will be almost impossible to create again but if they are going to try and make their own thing who knows, it might work but I am not holding my breath. I am not a fan of most remakes especially most of the ones in recent times that don’t really add anything new or do much different in the story so I am not a fan of the idea of a remake of Ghostbusters, what I would have liked to have seen was a take on the extreme Ghostbusters story.

    It is a passing of the torch story which is what Ackroyd wanted but it still keeps the history and mythos of the original team alive they could have even had the original team show up for a small cameo much like they did in the cartoon show. Obviously with the sad passing of Harold Ramis Egon could no longer be the one leading the new team but I see no reason why they couldn’t change it to Ray and have Peter and Winston cameo somewhere in it. I always liked the extreme team and I think it could have really worked but i just don’t know how good a film with no connection to the origional story and team could be, its like Venkman said in the first movie “Ray Stanz, the heart of the Ghostbusters” and he along with the other three really are. I feel that now it just seems like they have little confidence in the all female film they are making so they are creating this whole “Ghostbusters universe” which could just fall flat.

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