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    Thank you for calling me the “Greatest Observational Troll” and glad that you both found it enjoyable and made your day. I love you too Laughingman…but I’m seeing other people so move on 😉

    Yeah, so, I only just recently found it after all these years while doing some commissions and receiving studio rejection emails. I was in university at the time when I became a fan of your videos and podcasts. So one day, I believe you mentioned a fan mailbox in one your videos and thought, “well, I’ve had a couple of…hic…drinks, and i’m..hic…heading out in a bit, why not?

    So I just made it into everything that you summed up in your videos. Sent it off, and completely forgot about it. I remember I tried making it into something that’s too stupid for it to be real by making it the most ragey, hypocritical and creepy email. I just used a fake name, email, and whatever at the time.

    And no, I just randomly googled “rule 34 mlp”, saw the first picture and copied the link…
    …stop looking at me like that, I’M TOTALLY NOT INTO THAT WEIRD SHIT

    I was thinking of creating a little animation about this. Even do a little one where I fight the dark master…well…I mean, jesus christ…err…im not actually sure. Even as the worlds greatest animator and fighter that does 100k press-up, sit-ups and squats every morning. I’m not sure I could handle the…DARK MASTER.

    It’s harder now to send jokey messages anywhere without someone taking it the wrong way these days. Especially on social media where everyone is ready to attack you. So I’m really chuffed to hear you both enjoyed it and found it funny.

    I’m not sure if the forums are still active, but I’m on tw@tter if you’re interested. But send only nice messages otherwise I’ll have the twitter police and social justice warriors come and delete your accounts, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! :V Twitter


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