Hollywood GHOST IN THE SHELL theory confirmed to be true (spoiler warning)

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    If you don’t mind spoilers, here is an interesting theory about the Ghost in the Shell movie that has been confirmed by the Japanese Premiere of the movie.

    This does seem like an interesting twist, and honestly quells my fears of the plot being too much of a generic revenge thriller. The twist does remind me of that line from the 1995 movie “memory can not be defined, yet it defines man”, not to mention makes for an interesting social commentary if you know what I mean (hint, hint).
    Anyway, I am a little more certain that this movie will end up being more in line with something like the Matrix, where it’s a balance of action and exploring philosophical themes, rather than being the straight generic revenge thriller I was almost afraid it was going to be.

    I do wonder if the social commentary bit will slide past some people’s minds, causing them to scream “whitewashing”, or to proclaim this movie to be “anti-white”.

    What do y’all think of this twist?


    And it appears that this movie could actually be great in fact according to this quote from Takeshi Kitano:
    -“We have seen that most of live-action film adaptations failed to reach
    the quality of their sources and were criticized heavily. But this time, the fans who have grown up with the
    original manga and anime series say this film is great. Faithful and new, I think this may be the first successful
    live-action film adaptation of a Japanese manga. But people also say that only flaw in the film is Aramaki”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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