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    Shinra Kuroki
    Shinra Kuroki

    So Milo Yiannopoulos (@Nero) finally released his article about Sarah Nyberg (@srhbutts).


    I couldn’t get through the whole thing. I began to feel a bit sick over it all. Most of it is stuff I already know, but here is the same information that has gone through a lot of research and Breitbart’s fact checking. I expected this article would be the end to people’s self imposed denial and ignorance, but sadly people have continued on supporting Sarah. It’s rather sickening. I even saw one person tweet a picture of his own daughter in a wookie jacket to her to try and cheer Sarah up. Milo even decided to do a follow up article about the progressives that are coming out of the wood work to defend Sarah.


    Now I see so many people using anti-GG words against them. So many of them have tried to brand GG as pedos that now the utter hypocrisy is just flaying my heart open. There are so many people with actual reputations and have a public image to uphold, and they are coming out to support a pedo apologist all because she took people’s tweets out of context and doxxed people for wrong think. Even more shocking, she has come out and said the IRC logs are real, but she was just trying to be edgy.


    Now, this whole “I was just being an edgelord” argument is insane. To put it simple, just use Occam’s razor. You can take her words at face value like a sensible person or you can do mental gymnastics to justify this moronic narrative. For the “edgelord” angle to work, you have to assume this joke was so funny, it lasted for years. You have to assume she couldn’t make up a fake kid to perv over instead of her own cousin. You have to assume she was ok with sharing pictures of kids with pedos.

    Here is Milo’s response article to Sarah’s response


    I just find myself unable to continue writing. I don’t blame people for defending someone in their in group usually, it’s just human to do so, but this, this is just beyond any words. The willful ignorance of these people just makes me feel sick. I kept tweeting people saying to wait until Milo’s article drops, these people will stop supporting her blindly and see the error in their ways. Man was I completely and unequivocally wrong.

    "Now, I’ve forgiven the world and myself, too. I teach myself to smile again. One day I’ll get there, I know I will. Even if it takes me not nine, but nine hundred lives." -Susan Ashworth from The Cat Lady


    geeze kill me now -_-
    this is retarded

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