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    So I’m finishing my last high school year and that means leaving my high school newspaper section of video game reviews. I’ve decided to share with you my last article on how to fix what I consider a broken state of the Halo franchise. I may return to reviews if I get placed onto another local newspaper or maybe even hired on a site; but that’s just a far stretch. Things are gonna get even busier so there’s a short window for that.

    Anyways, here’s my final piece:

    How to fix Halo before concluding the Reclaimer Trilogy

    So Halo 5 came out a long time ago and despite the critical acclaim it has received, there’s still a part of the Halo community that still has a sour taste of the game, including me. I had refused to play Halo 5 as a sign of protest for the removal of co-op over tighter gameplay, but I had to play it to review it. I decided to swallow my pride and see what was bringing everyone around it; which I still can’t understand. The shortest campaign in the franchise, a mediocre and redundant boss fight that keeps repeating and the most ridiculous back-from-the-dead gimmick I’ve seen in videogames.

    The worst thing is that event to this day, Halo 5 is still an incomplete game; and word on the street is that Halo 6 is already on development. What mistakes can 343i avoid this time having 2 entries that have split the fan community? We’ll keep this short and sweet, what to fix and why.

    #1 (and most important) Bring back local co-op
    As mediocre Halo 5 was, it would’ve been even more enjoyable to play it with friends. After all, local multiplayer is one of the core basics of not only Halo, but the fan community as well (most notably Halo nights). The removal of this vital feature has backtracked the fun factor of the game, as well as denied it completely to people who can’t afford or cannot purchase a gold LIVE account. E.j. someone like me, who has a lot of homework and studying to do and can barely spend a couple days on the Xbox. So let’s hope that Halo 6 allows people to play on the same console again, as it should.

    #2 No Gold-exclusive content
    This was one of my major problems with Halo 4. Restricting Spartan Ops (Firefight) to Gold members was an unnecessary move from 343i, and again, it restricted the fun factor for the players. Same can be said about Halo 5 restraining co-op to non-gold members. By splitting the community with this gimmicks, you can harm your reputation as well as lower your sales if your following entries keep repeating the same mistakes. So if we’re going to buy Halo 6, we expect to play EVERYTHING.

    #3 Launching a complete game… AT LAUNCH.
    There seems to be this fad for game developers to release their games unfinished and eventually complete them with future patches and downloads. Why is this still a thing? I don’t know, why do people like buying unfinished games? I DON’T KNOW. At the release of Halo 5, the game was lacking most game modes you would expect: Forge, Firefight, CTF, Theater, Grifball and others. But why launch the game and keep completing it? When you sell an unfinished game for the price of what it would fully cost, that may cause confusion on your clientele and refunds would rise. So case in point, if you’re going to release a full game, do it at launch.

    #4 Be original
    This is my biggest problem with Halo 4, changing everything to be a clone of Call of Duty. Sprinting, grenade indicator, multiplayer loadouts, interactive cutscenes, forcing you to buy things you don’t want to; this game is turning into Call of Duty. Um… why? If I wanted to play Call of Duty, I’d play it! I’d pop Modern Warfare 2 into my 360 and have a nice night. There’s trying to change gameplay, then you have trying to replicate gameplay and at the very bottom you have straight-out copy/paste. BE ORIGINAL, DAMMIT.

    #5 UGLY
    Though not as important as the other problems, esthetics are still relevant in a videogame. The sudden change on the enemy’s looks and sounds were very disappointing in me. Imagine that in Star Wars 8 they change the iconic sounds of the lightsabers and the tie fighters, they change the wookies to klingons, they change the AT&Ts to the CLAWs of Black Ops II. That was my same reaction after playing Halo 4, and they didn’t seem to change it in Halo 5. I want the cute, high pitched Grunts, not these goblins. I want Jackals, not 1998 Godzilla’s kids. I’ll throw my Xbox into a trash can if we get hairless fat silverback gorillas as Brutes. I fucking will.

    So that’s all 343i has to do, and there’s quite a lot of time to fix things; but I wouldn’t hold my hopes so high. Who knows? Maybe in Halo 6, you’ll have to have a gold-membership just to play the campaign! And you’ll have to wait every 7 months for each of the missions to be released in a patch! Oh, how exciting!

    "The universe is one big joke, and the joke is on us"


    "The universe is one big joke, and the joke is on us"

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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