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    Having seen these films a long time ago, I don’t see how they warrant sequels/remakes.
    Especially now that they are fairly old.

    Point Break = 1991 (24 years ago)

    Independence Day = 1996 (19 years ago)

    Why is Hollywood remaking/providing sequels to 80’s -90’s film franchises?
    What is the point? Money I guess and not wanting to color outside the lines.

    I don’t think Point Break really needs a remake and the first Independence Day was ok but a sequel?

    Don’t get me wrong, sequels and remakes can be fine when developed with consideration and providing something fresh (Mad Max: Fury Road, Mission Impossible, James Bond, etc).

    This is probably the number one thing that is disconcerting to me about Hollywood because as much effort they try to put into a remake/sequel they could instead spend on a new concept.

    Did I mention how pissed off people are about the Point Break remake?

    Rabid ecstasy, 1997

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