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    In light of the recent After Hours…A Menstruation Quest game pitch


    Premise: You are a young woman who’s period started unexpectedly. Shit! Help our heroine find her way home for chocolate ice cream and a hot pack.

    In this exciting and enthralling adventure, you can expect to:

    -collect tampons and sanitary napkins for power-ups*
    -ingest Midol(tm) to alleviate symptoms
    -combat offensive odors and sources of loud noises
    -manage fragile emotional states
    -fight against the patriarchy’s mission to impose punishing taxes on women for having periods

    Greenlight my project now and receive a life-time’s worth of feminine hygiene products and chocolate!


    “Absolutely riveting and thought-provoking! Five Stars!”

    “I never knew females had it so bad. I apologize for my insensitive remarks towards women ‘being on the rag’.”

    “Not sure if I can empathize with the heroine, but makes me interested in receiving my “red wings” 😉 10/10″

    “A game about periods…WTF is this?”

    *Caution: Be wary of TSS. May disrupt gameplay.

    Rabid ecstasy, 1997

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