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    Konami’s Metal Gear Solid Pachislot Sparks Rage Among Fans; Gets Over 14,000 Dislikes in Twelve Hours

    …As a pachislot machine!

    In the most TOO SOON move of the decade, Konami has recut and remastered pivotal scenes from the lauded Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater in order to market their newest line of pachinko machines and released a trailer to coincide with it.

    The result? About as expected. Out of 95k views on YouTube (as of me writing this) roughly 15,000 people have disliked the video (see before) and a few shy of 500 (likewise) have liked it. Konami’s sinking ship has sprung a new leak, in my opinion. I get that they struggled to keep up with games sales–making games ain’t cheap anymore–but they want in on a slice of the Call of Duty pie and that is not ever going to happen. But since they axed Koji and Co. last year(-ish?) I’d say Konami is limping to its last days.

    Seriously, what the fuck? I get corporate greed is a thing but the execs are just the snowflakes scattering on the iceberg. There’s underlings all over Konami that just want to have a job and not get fired. Sure, I shame SquareSoft and Capcom about games they “sponsor” on Kickstarter being analogous to using crowdfunding as little more than a market gauge for a game, but at least they’re trying to find an audience to appeal to, one that is increasingly more niche every time someone sits down to play. And IW not wanting to put out the CoD4 Remaster as a separate game is stupid and furthers the reft between gamers and Activision about them cranking out the “same game” every year–versus a new WWII shooter being released every week, but nobody wants to remember those, do they?

    In all seriousness, though, this is scummy. FucKonami is blatantly ignoring the legacy, artistry, and significance of their IPs. MGS was never my thing (Snake was too whiny for my taste) but I did enjoy the games and I completely understand why there is such a huge appeal for it almost a decade later and why it has so many loyal fans and a FUCK HEUG community behind it; to take one of the most beloved Metal Gear Solid games and turn them into a glorified slot machine just to make some money off of middle-aged men in Japan is in insult to the work their employees poured into those games, the same employees they refuse to treat with an ounce of dignity and respect. And doing it Kojima leaves his franchise, and in such a messy manner is a laser-guided insult to Kojima and fans of Hideo Kojima games.

    This SHIT disgusts me.

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