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    So a couple of days ago Netflix released the first official trailer for its live-action adaptation of Death Note, directed by Adam Wingard of You’re Next and The Guest fame. There has been a very divided opinion towards the trailer, having 34k likes and 37k dislikes as of now, with people complaining about very surface level changes from the anime, Light not being ‘hot enough’, some criticizing the actors for not being Asian, and others decrying the movie to be a generic action film and/or teeny-bopper fluff that ruins the themes of the source material.
    In regards to the latter, I honestly don’t see how the trailer overall implies that. In fact I have actually gotten high hopes for this adaptation after watching the trailer. It looks really promising as an adaptation of Death Note, and unlike the Hollywood Ghost in the Shell remake this one seems like it will actually have something to say in regards to the themes of the source material (whose anime I still need to finish).
    It just seems like people are freaking out over very surface level changes and decrying this movie for merely existing rather than wait and see whether or not it delivers as an adaptation. Maybe I’m missing something but it seems like the trailer should be getting a better reception than it is getting.
    Also here is a video that highlights what I found promising about this upcoming Death Note movie.

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