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    So apparently Sony and Disney have worked out some agreement where Spidey will be in the Marvel movie-verse, possibly appearing in a upcoming Captain America film.
    As such, Andrew Garfield is being replaced.
    Two actors are being considered: Dylan O’Brien (left) and Logan Lerman (right).
    I personally feel that O’Brien would be a great Peter Parker.
    From Teen Wolf and other films I have seen him in, he seems capable of performing action, comedic,and dramatic roles. Also, Teen Wolf’s Stiles and Peter Parker are somewhat similar as in being witty, awkward, nerd protagonists. In regards to physical looks/build, I think he is spot on.
    I have seen Lerman in films from time to time and he is a fine actor but I think he looks a little too boyish. I want to see him in Fury to make a good comparison but in my opinion, I don’t think he would be a good fit.

    Who would you guys choose? O’Brien? Lerman? Or someone else entirely?
    Also, what do you think of this deal between Sony and Marvel? I believe B-Mask and CineMax discussed Sony and Spider-Man before and I pretty much agreed with their points. I wanted to like the Amazing series but I feel its execution was sloppy. Hopefully, these changes will be a step in a better direction.


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