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    This was gonna come eventually but not how I expected it to be…

    Nintendo Switch, the latest game console which is allows you to play in your home or on the go, has been released last year on March 3 2017, turned out to be the best thing to ever happened to Nintendo despite a lot of the skepticism & concerns it faced during it’s initial reveal presentation.. It didn’t just beat the sales of the Wii U, Nintendo’s last console that turned out to be a failure, but it surpassed it with over 10 million units sold throughout the year while having a strong 1st, 2nd and 3rd party support from many developers including Ubisoft with the Mario + Rabbids game that turned out to be a major success (goddamn), a console that’s really unique to the market and it’s variety of ways to play with the Joy-Cons and the constant solid marketing that really convince consumers into investing on the Switch myself included thanks to announcements like Metroid Prime 4 (OOOOOOOOOHHH YEEEESSS!), Bayonetta 3 (GOD, SLAP MY ASS NOW, WILL YA?!), Kirby, Yoshi, No More Heroes 3 (FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!) and even more potential titles (both ports and new titles) to come for the future. We’re now in 2018 and so far the Switch is enjoying it’s success as I see so many people playing the console on the go and it’s just a blast to play with friends (I played this over conventions and holy shit was the experience memorable). So, my questions for this discussion are these:

    What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch as a whole including the system itself, the controls and the software line-up?

    Which ports would you like to see for the Switch?

    What kinds of new games would you like to see get made for Switch? (it could be anything like an original IP, sequel or remake)

    Will Nintendo keep on making improvement to not only the console and the games but to their business?

    I’ll post my thoughts about the console itself later on but I wanna hear from you guys and I’m opening the flood gates for discussion while jumping in if necessary.

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    My youngest brother got a Switch for Christmas and he has been enjoying it thus far, mainly Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Super Mario Odyssey (as well as several other small games found on the Nintendo store). I have played one of my friend’s Switches and I have to say that it is a rather fun console (though I have yet to try out the handheld mode as all the occurrences I have played the switch as been with a controller when its hooked up to a TV). Speaking of the controllers – for once the motion-controls aren’t merely a gimmicky nuissance, with the technology not only being much better than previous attempts with the Wii, Kinect, and PS Move but also certain games like Super Mario Odyssey using the motion controls in order to expand on what mechanics are available to the player (without forcing them to use motion controls I will add).

    As for the games, I really want to get a Switch of my own someday so that I can get my hands on Metroid Prime 4. And there have also been plenty of interesting titles announced for the Switch. One thing about Playstation and Xbox’s current lineup that makes me just go to PC rather than console is that in spite of the superior hardware (compared to the Switch) the games made for those systems mostly fall into the same select few tired categories. The Switch on the other hand seems to have a plethera of fresh and interesting games in store for the future. An example being Project Octopath Traveler, being developed by Square Enix, a retro styled turn based RPG with SNES style pixel art (namely closest to FF6’s pixel art) but with the twist being that you traverse in a three-dimensional HD environment.

    Of course there is also Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which I would like to play one day.

    As for ports, nothing really comes to mind at the moment… I guess would like to see Pier Solar and the Great Architects ported over to the Switch.

    And you know what, port Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross onto the Switch – similar to how they ported Chrono Trigger for the DS but with some features exclusive to the Switch functionalities in order to create an incentive of getting the ports. The Chrono Cross port would likely be considered more of a remaster since they would have to remaster the visuals in something a little bit more pleasing to look at than PS1 graphics.

    As for ideas for new games I would like to see made for the Switch, I’ve got a few ideas:

    1). This would likely not happen ever but perhaps a remake of Panzer Dragoon Saga (as well as remasters of the previous two Panzer Dragoon games bundled with it) for the Switch that way the game could possibly get the attention it deserves. But Sega lost the source code back when they were having a now defunct developer develop a PC port so…………..

    2). A 3D remake of Final Fantasy VI – that’s right, the best Final Fantasy game ever, one of the best SNES RPGs ever, remade in 3D. By 3D I don’t mean that “hyper-photorealistic” look being applied to that FF7 remake that is taking its sweet time to be made but rather something in the vein of Bravely Default and/or the 3D DS remakes of FF3 and FF4 that were made back in the 2000s – however in addition to that also make it in the style of the PS1 entries in terms of the “cinematography” (I know it’s not a movie but I am going to use that word for simplicity reasons). And unlike the FF7 remake, retain the turn based combat while maybe adding in some extra features to make the combat more dynamic. Maybe have voice acting in it too (preferably not).

    3). Maybe a Dark Cloud 3. Just a thought

    4) This would sound a little crazy but perhaps a Platinum Games developed action-based Final Fantasy 7 spin off in the style of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – yeah I know the remake will retcon all the convoluted bs from the spin offs but for some reason I have been picturing what it would be like if there was a sequel to Dirge of Cerberus (only with much more competent gameplay) where you play as Cloud and have the story be as bonkers as possible and high in action in the style of MGR Revengeance. Just picturing how anime it would look for Cloud to be swinging that huge ass buster sword at lightning fast speeds fighting crazy monsters.

    5) A Star Wars game NOT MADE BY EA (Disney is considering revoking EA’s license to make Star Wars games – hopefully they don’t choose Ubisoft or freakin’ Activision though…………………… still wonder they didn’t just keep LucasArts, like wouldn’t they want to have this shit made IN-HOUSE?????)

    As for whether this will improve how Nintendo manages its business – well for one I can certainly say that people won’t be trying to use the “Nintendo is a toy company that makes products solely for children” excuse in order to justify any bad business decisions they make – though they have been making really good decisions (with the exception of the Illumination Mario movie…) so that’s not really going to be a problem. I can only hope that Nintendo continues on this streak, especially since SONY or XBOX has little to offer other than a glorified Last of Us wannabe that’s so embarassed by being a game that it’s using “a real script”


    Oh and I forgot to add that the HD Rumble is pretty neat. Have always liked the Rumble controller feature in games and the Switch’s HD Rumble is even better.

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