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    A little game I made in October for the 2015 CIGD gamejam and posted in Off Topic. Think I’ll place it here so it won’t get buried.


    Original post:

    “So last weekend I participated in a game jam hosted by this group I am a part of: http://chsindiegamedev.com/#home
    We had 48 hrs. to create a game centered around the theme “one button”. Overall, it was a very fun learning experience and I got to interact with artists, animators, musicians, and programmers alike. More importantly I learned anyone can make a game. I wasn’t a part of a team (a writer is not exactly essential for a dev team) so I just made a game myself with Twine, which is a tool used to create interactive non-linear stories.
    I will post all of the games the teams made as soon as our president posts them somewhere.
    In the meantime, you can play my game.
    Anyways, post any feedback here (seriously, tell me what you think!). Obviously, this is not my magnum-opus (I basically learned as I went) but I view this a good start. In the future, I want to create a more complex Twine game (with RPG-esque inventories and stats) and get started on using Unity/Unreal Engine (I want to make a kick-ass horror game!)
    Also, if you are a writer and/or have little to no programming skills, Twine is not a bad place to start because there is so much customization you can do with just imputing some text and commands.”

    Rabid ecstasy, 1997

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