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    Ok. I know I post a bunch of stuff on these forums, but I think I needed to post this.

    There are a couple of things I have to say about this:
    1) Last time I checked GHOST IN THE SHELL isn’t for children (just saying).
    2) While I understand the whole diversity issue in Hollywood, I think people are having such an unhealthy obsession with the issue, which leads into point 3
    3) GHOST IN THE SHELL isn’t a superhero property; it isn’t really about its main character. This is something Jake_L brought up in response to my post about the Major’s name change:
    The Major has no backstory and she isn’t the main character of GitS but rather the vehicle for the series to explore its futuristic setting and philosophical transhuman themes. Even the manga’s author, Masamune Shirow, had said this. Which leads to my last point.
    4) While Shirow might have originally conceived the Major as being Japanese, other iterations have been more flexible with the race of the character. For one, in the Mamoru Oshii film she is actually Chinese. Not to mention her ‘ethnicity’ to say is more ambiguous in the anime Stand Alone Complex Series, as YouTuber AnimeEveryday had brought up:

    The thing is, as I brought up earlier, GHOST IN THE SHELL isn’t really about the Major, its about the philosophical themes which are expressed through her journey. In fact sometimes the Major doesn’t even act as said vehicle (for instance look at Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence; the vehicle for the themes of said movie are Batou and Togusa). I bring this up because I feel that this is something people are forgetting. In fact I actually come across an SJW that kept insisting that Ghost in the Shell wasn’t about Transhumanism or the philosophical themes. While yes admittedly I would have liked to see an Asian actress play the Major (similar to Laughingman’s idea of the Major), I believe that having the race of the Major be the main focus of the conversation surrounding the movie is not only missing the point of the source material but is also putting all the rage onto the wrong target. To sum up what Max Landis said, the movie is being targeted as this ‘illness’ that must be treated when the real ‘illness’ is both a lack of big name draw actors and a fear of taking risks in Hollywood.

    That is really all I have to say about this.
    Feel free to reply.


    This guy sums up the PSA itself in a nutshell.

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