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    Some people’s bosses are sexual predators, others are just weird, while a few have huge poles stuck up their asses. Several in LaughingMan’s case, terrible really, It’s kinda like a cavern at this point.

    All joking aside, the people I work for are the worst of the lot: generally incompetent and as apathetic towards their positions as I am with mine and are only concerned with keeping our main source of revenue (a car wash we charge 5x the cost of operation, that never closes). Our gas pumps are the same ones we’ve had since the drafting of the Patriot Act, the intercom doesn’t work, and periodically the gas pumps just won’t PUMP the gas.

    We’ve recently had an exodus of employees due to it being the Spring Semester and rather than shill out as many aspiring employees my idiot, chrome-dome meat-head boss has simply decided to tighten his belt until Spring Break and Summer vacation when my brothers get back from college — as we all work together in the store, picture that for a minute. There are two women employed at the small store we work at, a lifelong employee and her niece who has been off these past three weekends for a foot injury or something (the aunt’s English is barely comprehensible and she’s been in this country for about as long as some of us have been alive), as my boss generally (purportedly, but from a reliable source) sees women as distractions in the workplace and refuses to hire anyone who is a minority because of shoplifting employees in the past who may or may not have been black, Hispanic, Mexican, etc.; basically if you’re not white and a man and have a criminal record, you’re not getting hired here.

    Because of that, I very likely won’t be in the Patreon livestream tomorrow, but if I am then it means I’ve had enough and quit out of that drowning pool of condescension and general fuck-off-you-cunt-edness.

    As an update on my personal life that none of you care about, I’m living with my parents again after about two years in North Minneapolis, but not for the reason you think — you, know, the rampant crime and murder? Ask Katie, she can tell you.

    Yeah, turns out that there was an asbestos break in the central ventilation of my apartment building and my roommates, I, and about 200 other people were evicted from their homes without so much as a phone call from my landlord and have been in the long process of getting the rest of my stuff out from quarantine. So there’s that.

    So that’s that. Nothing really new otherwise. I hear J.J. Abrams has up and said he hasn’t ruled out there being gay characters in Star Wars. Yippee.

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