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    Shinra Kuroki
    Shinra Kuroki

    I miss the days of old when it was just gay and bisexual people who were shammed about their sexuality. Sure it’s very emotionally painful and suppressing it in order to fit in does untold psychological damage, but at least only about 2% to maybe 4% of the world’s population were the only ones being made miserable to be born with sexual desires that primarily religious people frowned upon. Now it’s full out war on gay people’s sexuality and straight men’s sexuality as well. As much as misery loves company, I would never want a little less than half the world’s population to share in my unjust prosecution.

    So what am I ranting about? Let’s start with the hetero stuff ^-^

    War on big boobs

    This is the IGDA (Indie games development association) founder. While this is nothing new, it makes it crystal clear that some progressives really want to take the boobs out of gaming. While I don’t personally care for that adipose and mammary gland structure, I find no reason to restrict any form or interpretation of it in art (as long as it follows the letter of the law). What I find appalling is the encroaching culture war over straight men’s sexuality. While I know boobs being taken away from men is quite impossible due to the magic of the internet, I’m seeing a trend in media to correlate men who like attractive women with being sexist, among other insults that have been used ad nauseam to the point they’ve lost most of their meaning. It’s open season for hating men for being… basically men. While we should teach people not to be shallow and value people for more than their physical appearance, this doesn’t entail making people feel shame for having a perfectly natural result to “alluring” stimuli. This is problematic because stupid people are going to call this fact of life problematic.

    I can’t stress how harmful this is because for a long time I felt like I had to keep my sexual desires, wants, and urges a secrete for fear of what others would think. It wasn’t pleasant and I still have trouble having the words “I’m gay” come out of my mouth, even to friends. I just don’t feel like people should ever be shammed for what gives them a tingle in their loins. Now you can shame someone for talking about it at an inappropriate time & place, just not for being in and of itself. People shouldn’t feel like they need to hide their sexuality, no matter if they are gay or straight.

    Now this barrage towards sexuality isn’t just against straight men.

    Apparently I’m now racist since I like kung pow chicken over dark meat, if you know what I mean. Speaking from trying briefly to fit into some gay friendly social communities online, lots of gay guys get very butt hurt over the idea that some people on online dating sites do not find their race physically appealing. Trust me, it gets so bad moderators usually have to ban discussion about it. What I have never seen is someone straight up say it is racist to have preference. Leave it to the magic of Social Science* (*not real science) to enlighten us to the evils of “sexual racism”. A recent report came out saying 80% of social science experiments had unrepeatable results, so you know my opinion on social science: it’s 4/5ths wrong. I hope someone like TL;DR does a video on this study. Too bad there’s a pay wall between me and the article.

    I’m very suspicious of the article since it defines a QDI score as being racist……..*checks QDI test*…….*HEAD DESK REPETITIVELY*

    You, yes you reading this right now. Go put a helmet on or get a pillow and put it on the desk you are at. Did you do it? Good. Now read the QDI test and try not to get brain damage.

    That is the American test, and this study was an Australian study; I assume they just change the wording a bit, like sub president for whatever they have for Australia. Wow, just wow. Some of these questions. Ok, that study is now 100% worthless. I can’t even right now. There are no words.

    "Now, I’ve forgiven the world and myself, too. I teach myself to smile again. One day I’ll get there, I know I will. Even if it takes me not nine, but nine hundred lives." -Susan Ashworth from The Cat Lady

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