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    Okay Silent Hill 2 fans, you’ve GOT to see this! A Silent Hill fan named Fungo got together with the voice actors for James Sunderland and Eddie, and played through all of Silent Hill 2 live. The voice actors had never actually seen or played the game before, and as Fungo plays they provide commentary and talk about behind the scenes stuff such as mo-cap and acting. But the best part about this whole thing is the insight that the voice actors give us into the backstories and minds of the characters. Like holy shit I consider myself a hardcore Silent Hill fan but even I didn’t know/pick up on some of the stuff they discuss. It’s amazing! Watching this has actually made Silent Hill 2 a much deeper game for me, something that I thought was pretty much impossible considering how deep it is to begin with.

    Now don’t watch this if you haven’t played the game yet, as they talk about spoilers right off the bat.

    But if you have played the game, for the love of god watch this, seriously. Yes it is long but it is SO WORTH IT. Also if anybody watches it please post here with your thoughts on what they discussed, I am itching to talk about this stuff with someone, especially all the new info about James and Mary’s relationship, I had no idea Guy Cihi brought so much of his personal life to the story, no wonder James’ lines sound so authentic, holy cow!

    Part 1:

    Part 2:


    Thanks for sharing *hugs* I really liked the background and detail that went into the creation of the game as told by fans and those behind the scenes.
    Mary and James…wow. When I was younger, I thought James was the “bad guy” but viewing it from an more mature perspective I can see how abusive Mary acted towards him. I liked Guy’s perspective when it came to that. It actually reminded me of people in my life who had failed relationships due to one or both parties not wanting to contribute their half. I liked the Leave ending because it showed that even after sickness/death, Mary wants James to move on with his life and be happy. I believe that is what true love really is. If you truly love someone, you want to grow together with them, accept them for what they are, and not hold grudges. If the relationship doesn’t work out, wish them well and go your separate ways. Sadly, due the faulty nature of humanity, this is not the case in some relationships. Actually, if you take out the supernatural and darker aspects of SH2, I think it would still be an effective dramatic story. But who wants that? We want thigh monsters and rapey pyramid men running around for the thrill factor lol jk

    This is one series I have to play/appreciate by myself 🙁 my family members think this game is too boring 0_0

    Me: Well, what’s your definition of “excitement”?

    I really only know of 2 people irl that like Silent Hill and we don’t talk that much to each other. *shrugs*

    Sorry if I rambled a little.

    Anyways, Katie (and others on this thread), what are your thoughts?

    Rabid ecstasy, 1997


    Oooookay so, finally got around to writing up my thoughts for part 1, I’ll go into detail about part 2 later. I have a lot to say about this so I’m glad someone else watched it too! 😀

    Sooooo….in the beginning of the video they talked about Mary’s body being in the back seat of the car. I always had a suspicion about that, it’s cool to finally have confirmation on it. But anyways, when driving to Silent Hill, James /must/ have been conscious of her back there, he could probably see her body every time he looked in the review mirror…. so it made me wonder if when he arrived at SH, that was when his memory of the events left him?
    You could even go as far as saying that the closer he got to Silent Hill, the more his memory became clouded over. Also the mirror scene at the beginning could have more meaning in that case, the way James holds his hand over his face, could his memories be disappearing at that moment? Makes you wonder about that kinda stuff…

    I wish we could have heard a bit more about the personal experiences Guy brought to the game, the equipment Fungoused for recording lagged sometimes so occasionally they would cut each other off by accident, which is a bummer. Especially the bits about James and Angela’s interactions, and how those scenes made Guy reflect on his own struggle with suicidal thoughts following his troubling marriage. Of course it’s sad to hear he went through that, but due to those experiences I think he was able to bring something to the performance that other actors wouldn’t have been able to touch on.
    Also speaking of that, later near the end of the video he talks about the friend he had that died of a rare form of melanoma, and how in his head he created a backstory for James and Mary where this was the disease she had….I think it’s really amazing just how much he added to the character of James.

    It was really interesting when they talked about the fact that even after James sees and fights PH, he still continues on his journey because of how dedicated and relentless he is. When I first played this game I thought it was just because he’s a good husband, but then Guy talked about how Mary was the only thing James lives for; she’s his whole life. So in a way he’s relentless in his search because to him Mary is his life’s purpose, losing her means losing a reason to live. This actually fits very well considering the line from the In Water ending, where James says, “Without you, Mary, I’ve got nothing.”
    That’s the ending that I got the first time I played this game, I think I sort of prefer it over the Leave ending honestly, even though both are pretty in character for James.

    Anyways, moving on…. I like the fact that the directors intentionally kept many parts of the story vague, so Guy had a more genuine reaction to things as they happened.
    However it sounds like sometimes it was TOO vague, such as when they didn’t show him what certain monsters would have looked like, etc. Maybe he would have acted in a different way for certain scenes had he known exactly what he was fighting 😛

    One of the parts that really struck me was when Guy talked about Laura’s line, “You didn’t love Mary anyways!”
    When I played this game I always assumed Laura was just doing a typical kid thing, maybe she saw James and Mary arguing one day at the hospital and came to the conclusion that he hated her. But then Guy pointed out that no, Mary was possibly telling Laura bad things about James behind his back. And that was like…..whoa. Shit. I had never even considered that.

    On that note…Here’s an interesting tidbit about one of Maria’s first lines, when she says, “I don’t look like a, uh…..”ghost”, do I?” This line gains a lot more meaning after you’ve experienced the ‘Born from a Wish’ scenario. Have you played or seen it? A lot of fans seem to have missed it. It’s a small side-story that gets unlocked after you beat the game in certain versions, where you play as Maria and you get to see what happened before she met up with James. Here’s part 1, check it out! It really made me look at Maria in a whole new way.
    EDIT: new video link, this one is better 😡

    Lol I lost it at the part when Guy was describing the acting for the ‘Maria gets the Key’ scene ahahahha oh man XD And also the bit in the hospital where Guy is like, ‘What’s he doing? Taking selfies of Maria?” ahahahaha I fucking died jesus christ ahaha

    Ah man but one of my other favorite moments is when Guy explains the acting for the scene when James is locked in the boss room by Laura, and how his personality turns from hapless and confused to a ‘murderous son of a bitch’. I actually had never picked up on that while playing, it’s a subtle moment but damn, now I can totally see that change in his character, Guy is a great actor wowiee!

    Like even the part where he watches the evaluator scene and his reaction to it, you can tell how invested he was in this character. Stuff like that is one of the reasons why Silent Hill 2 is such an amazing game.

    But yes okay, that concludes my thoughts for part one! :3 More later~

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