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    So E3 is kicking off (technically it did yesterday but still) and Microsoft had its Press Conference not only announcing more powerful versions of their XBOX ONE (S and the 4K X) but also announced a particularly interesting independent cyberpunk game called The Last Night that looks like a mix between 2D pixel art (which is beautifully animated) and 3D backgrounds with a Blade Runner like atmosphere. And boy does it look amazing. In fact it gets me tempted to consider getting an XBOX ONE eventually (as I think it is intended to be an exclusive)

    So with a amazing looking game, you would think that everyone would be hyped for it, right? Well they were… until they saw that Tim Soret was (cue <gasp>) a GamerGater. Basically back in 2014, Tim Soret tweeted some comments that were pro-gamergate, talking about how GamerGate was a movement to push for Journalistic Integrity while also bringing up the importance of artistic freedom and the dangers of censorship (in fact apparently The Last Night will actually explore the idea of a world in which #progressive authoritarianism has won and polices everyone). However, because the SJWs like to portray GamerGate as some evil boogieman responsible for racism and sexism, they have decided to take it upon themselves to smear the developer and the game for wrong-think.

    Feminist Zoe Quinn Bullies ‘The Last Night’ Game Developer for Criticizing Social Justice

    ‘CAUSE HOW DARE WE SAY ANYTHING POSITVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAN THIS SICK FILTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, just it always irks me whenever moral guardians go after works of fiction over ideological “reason”. It especially irks me here since Tim Solet was very moderate in his tweets back in 2014 yet all these trigger happy SJWs are claiming his game to be “dangerous”, “racist”, “poisoness”, etc even to the point of wanting it to be banned/canceled because of their feelings (sound familiar? <sough> religious right trying to ban certain “vile” video games for being “harmful to children”)…..

    I really hope this game does well because it looks amazing and the premise sounds very interesting. Though considering that Tim Solet has gotten over 100k tweets from excited gamers it looks like this “controversy” perhaps won’t kill this game.




    Also it looks like the studios caved in unfortunately…

    More on the Zoe Quinn matter though:

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