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    Is this actually for real? Like, is this article actually being serious? Jesus Christ, suddenly being polite means we’re being oppressed? For God’s sake…

    - There was a signature here... it's gone now...

    Shinra Kuroki
    Shinra Kuroki

    Things that are oppressing women (according to really dumb people):

    1. The word “too”
    2. The word “bossy”
    3. Gay men
    4. Tropes in video games
    5. Gamers
    6. Non-Intersectional feminists
    7. Manspreading
    8. Mansplaining
    9. Lack of female super heroes
    10. Media that fails the Bechdel test
    11. Sexually dressed women in media
    12. People shamming women for dressing too sexually
    13. Steven Universe fan art that is sexual or not racially stereotyped enough despite the gems being non-human & therefore have no real “race” in human terms.
    14. Clop fiction
    15. Erotic fan fiction made by men or women with internalized misogyny
    16. Porn
    17. Logic
    18. Women not identifying as feminist
    19. Men not identifying as feminist
    20. Men who advocate for the rights of men
    21. Women who advocate for the rights of men
    22. Hashtags on twitter
    23. The wage gap, which every economist have debunked
    24. Men not walking around you when you charge right at them
    25. A QTE in the Tomb Raider reboot game
    26. The opening cinematic of Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2
    27. Asking Anita where the DVDs are that she promised her Kickstarter backers.
    28. Sexbots
    29. Backlash from trying to get someone fired from their job
    30. PTSD from using Twitter not being taken seriously from military veterans.
    31. Happiness
    32. Fun
    33. Joy
    34. Kindness
    35. Laughter
    36. And much, much more.

    "Now, I’ve forgiven the world and myself, too. I teach myself to smile again. One day I’ll get there, I know I will. Even if it takes me not nine, but nine hundred lives." -Susan Ashworth from The Cat Lady


    -_- I’m just gonna go sit in the corner until all of this goes away.

    We live to play and let's players play to live. Life isn't easy but it sure is fun.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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