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    *Massive spoilers for Life is Strange. Continue at your own peril*

    So I’ve been following Jesse Cox’s LP of Life is Strange. His latest video (ep 17) has gotten a lot of SJWs in an uproar. Let me law down the brick work for those who haven’t seen life is strange.

    A major story point in Life is Strange is the relationship of Chloe (the PC’s best friend) and Chloe’s stepfather David.

    Chloe is Tumblr’s wet dream girl; blue hair, angry, loud, kind of a hipster, hates male authority figures, but has a good heart deep deep down. She lost her father & is broken up cause her recent love interest, Rachel Amber, has gone missing. Chloe assumes Rachel left her & ran off on her own, instead of leaving town with her like they planned. Chloe has issues, a lot of issues (which Tumblr has selective attention to). Chloe has a habit of getting herself killed, and it’s usually because she ignored David’s solid advice. “Doesn’t mess around in the junk yard” gets run over by a train in said junk yard. “Don’t mess with guns” gets herself shot with a ricocheting bullet she fired. “Don’t mess with the Prescott family” gets killed for trying to extort Nathan Prescott for money. Chloe is an idiot, but worse than that she is a danger to herself & others. Her reckless disregard for the law is a symptom of a deeply disturbed individual who is Hell bent on going to an early grave. The only reason she isn’t dead 15 minuets into the story is that the PC (player character, aka Max) has time travel powers which the PC constantly uses to bail Chloe out of her own stupid mistakes.

    David is an ex-solider who became head of security at Blackwell. If Chloe is Tumblr’s wet dream, David is the male figure who pushed feminists into their misandrist ways. He gets fed up with Chloe’s antics, with ample reason to. David is rather hash on Chloe and the kids at Blackwell, taking his job of keeping them safe seriously, but usually at the cost of being popular. One of the reasons Tumblr hates David is that in his investigation to find Rachel Amber (a former Blackwell student who is missing) & possible drug use at Blackwell, David harasses a student by the name of Kate. He investigates Kate cause a video of her acting drunk & slutty has been circulating around the student body of Blackwell. Kate was in an emotionally fragile state, which David is unaware of, & after suffering weeks of abuse from her classmates, her family, her teachers, & also David; Kate tries to take her own life by jumping off the top of the Blackwell dorms. Kate does open up to the PC, which gives the player info David lacks. If Kate had been open to him like she was with the PC, David’s actions would be unjustifiable. The problem is, he doesn’t know what the player does. No one knew she was suicidal and David’s actions towards her are regrettable, but it’s not like he did it out of maliciousness. He just made a mistake. The other flaw people have about David is that he slaps Chloe in one cut scene. Most people forget the vital context for the slap. Chloe, after stealing a GUN (you know, one of those things that people use in mass shootings & crime), David burges into Chloe’s room to integrate her. The PC hides in the closet & sees the whole fight. David asks about the gun, but then gets distracted by the smell of pot, which Chloe has recently smoked. Chloe brilliantly detracts the conversation away from the gun with pot, then detracts away from the pot to her mother, by basically bad mouthing her own mother for marring David. Chloe provokes him to the point that he slaps her, & most people forget the reason David is so angry is that he knows Chloe stole the gun. He would have known if someone broke into the house & he trusts Chloe’s mother completely, so Chloe was the only one who could have stolen it due to a simple process of elimination. The final gripe people have about David is that he installed hidden security cameras in the family household. He does this mainly because of Chloe’s behavior, & since they didn’t catch Chloe stealing the gun, it could be assumed they were installed after the gun went missing. If I had a kid & I had a reasonable suspicion they illegally acquired a gun, this would have been the least of the preventable measures I would take.

    Near the end of the game, David ends up saving the PC who then has the choice to tell David that Chloe has kicked the bucket. Telling him that Chloe is dead sends him into a mental break down. He only wanted to protect her, to save her from herself. Chloe was so caught up blaming David for trying to replace her biological dad, her dad for dying in a car accident, her mother for marring David & being the reason her dad was on the road when he died, Rachel Amber for suddenly disappearing, & the PC for leaving town & not telling her when her parents moved; Chloe never took responsibility for what she was doing. David was trying to save someone who didn’t want to be saved & it tears him apart.

    The final decision of the game is choosing between the lives of the entire town or Chloe. The entire game is about the repercussions of the first time the PC used her time travel power, which was to save Chloe from Nathan Prescott. EVERYTHING IS CHLOE’S FAULT. Chloe is the unknowing villain of the story, her poor choices is what caused everything. This reveal also shows that PC has never helped Chloe, at least in one timeline where she never used her powers. In the second timeline, the PC still fails to help Chloe, instead she chooses to be the ultimate enabler, kicking the can down the road all the ways to the point she chooses Chloe over an entire town of people. Picking Chloe over the town is the ultimate form of enabling behavior, freeing Chloe from all the problems she caused & at a far too great a cost. The PC is incapible of helping Chloe, her fate was sealed when she made the decision to blackmail the wrong guy to get “easy” money. Her fate is so unavoidable, it takes the equivalent of the whole town of Arcadia Bay to keep her alive. Her dying multiple times in the story proves how impossible this fate is to over come. Even if she some how avoided getting killed by Nathan Prescott, her own stupid decision would still catch up to her & send her to an early grave.

    To me, a lot of the problem Tumblr idiots have about David is they forget how flawed a character Chloe is. David is right to be hard on her. She got kicked out of school, is in debt to a loan shark drug dealer, & early in the story she steals a gun from him. For all David knows, Chloe is going to go all Columbine at Blackwell. She does basically have all the risk factors. Chloe doesn’t have a named friend besides the PC. She’s completely withdrawn. She is seriously messed up. David is right to be worried, as the end shows she was always going to die unless the PC decided to intervene. Once again, David was the only one to try & do anything to put Chloe back on the right road. Joyce was besides herself & doesn’t do anything to help Chloe except encourage the PC to help her out. As I said before, the PC doesn’t help Chloe, the PC just keeps enabling Chloe. Chloe becomes even more reckless when she learns about the PC time control power, a faith she put too much into considering it still got her killed at the junk yard. The PC does try to remind her that she does have to take some responsibility for her decisions & state of her life, but the story makes her back off before any real progress is made.

    So that’s my rant. I guess we can add parenting to the list of things SJWs don’t understand. Sure David is a flawed character & makes mistakes, but he isn’t malicious & he definitely isn’t an abuser. I really hate that Jesse apologized, because he has nothing to apologize for & made the right choice in my opinion. He saw the hints in the story that point out that David is a good guy in a bad situation where there are no winning moves. I guess you could just say, life is strange.

    "Now, I’ve forgiven the world and myself, too. I teach myself to smile again. One day I’ll get there, I know I will. Even if it takes me not nine, but nine hundred lives." -Susan Ashworth from The Cat Lady

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