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    A long time ago, I found a Star Fox fan comic called Star Fox: Lylat Legacy, a fan comic made by people who are not only fans of the franchise but worked on this comic for a full year because they wanted to reboot the franchise by adding extra depth to the characters while also fixing their personalities, creating new backstories to all the characters and basically fix the mess of all the stories of the games. At first, I was hesitant to read cause fan comics have a bad reputation of being laughable and dreadful to read. Nonetheless, I gave it a chance and after reading all the pages of the first chapter (including the new chapter 2 pages that are finally released), my reaction turned to this:


    This comic is really good and it’s a fan comic that really gives me hope for a new take on the series. The artwork by Layeyes is really beautiful that gives the world a more anime-ish feel to it and the character designs are absolutely flawless while still retaining the Star Fox look and feel, the characters are still like in the games but Fishman, who directed and had a hand in writing the story, adds depth to the character and reading their posts that they want to make Slippy a compelling and likable character instead of a whinny damsel is a sweet blessing because I am sick of the “Slippy sucks” arguments that fans have been bitching about for years and it’s good to see these guys do a makeover on Slippy. As for the story, it is still early one but it is a complete overhaul of the franchise with Layeyes and Fishman attempting to adapt every major canon Star Fox game into a whole story while re-writing the mythology to allow more characters (both old and new) to be introduced and developed while also working on the story involving Fox’s father, James McCloud, who might play a big role in the story later on in future chapters.

    Reading this fan comic gives me a great idea: How about Nintendo take some inspiration from this fan comic, learn what they’re doing right and make it the basis for a Star Fox Wii U game? I think Nintendo needs to do a truly great next gen Star Fox game instead of a pointless HD version of Star Fox 64 because as much as I like the game, do we REALLY want an HD Star Fox 64 Wii U game? Wouldn’t be great if we could see a Star Fox game build from the ground up and take advantage of the Wii U’s Gamepad scheme with fully customization options, have the ability to explore the Lylat galaxy and live the life as bounty hunters like going on quests, fight battles on space and the ground with a fast paced combat system that’s reminiscent of Devil May Cry but with a Star Fox twist with a story that allows us to know more about the lore and characters while being emotionally invested in the plot with twists and turns? That’s just me but again, reading the fan comic just feels perfect for a story for the Star Fox Wii U game.

    What you guys think? Can Star Fox: Lylat Legacy be a lesson for Nintendo to make a truly exciting next-gen Star Fox Wii U game?

    Here are the links the comics and the people working on the comic:

    Star Fox Lylat Legacy comic:

    Art sketches and illustrations for SFLL:


    More info on SFLL and it’s creation:

    (Sorry if I couldn’t post the pics. DeviantART doesn’t allow me to download images for some reason)

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