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    Hey everyone. My favorite Cartoonist Misha started a patreon. 😀

    Here’s what it says on her patreon.

    “My name is Michelle Krivanek, more commonly known as “Mishacakes” or just “Misha”, and I’m creating comics on the internet! I’m currently attending SVA in NYC for animation, and I’m graduating in 2017.

    My current comic, Alice and the Nightmare, is an Alice in Wonderland inspired comic about the adventures of Alice Heart as she attends a school that teaches the students how to collect the energy of humans’ dreams. It updates twice a week, and is free to read online!

    By becoming my patron on here, you can get exclusive wallpapers, as well as monthly streams, requests, page wips and previews, and even a monthly sketchbook featuring possible Alice and the Nightmare spoilers (ooohh!!) and concepts for other projects I have in the works! With your help on Patreon, I can make my dreams of doing art full time a reality, and bring more Alice and the Nightmare and more stories straight to you! Thanks!”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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