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    Can be used to discuss any games by Telltale, tho I mostly wanted to post the news about the recently announced Marvel game that they have in development.

    Pretty exciting news, what characters/storylines would you like to see them focus on? With Telltales pedigree when it comes to plot and characters with depth, could this be the first videogame to tie in to the Marvel cinematic universe? I’ll talk more about this newly announced project in a later post probably when I’ve given some more thought to what I’d like to see and what it will likely be.

    I recently played The Wolf Among Us, really enjoyed it although I wouldn’t recommend playing it on an iPod like i did, since there was significant lag and freezing during both chase sequences (which usually resulted in a hilariously inept Bigby tripping over every obstacle) and also sometimes loading dialogue choices, meaning you had less time to choose a response and occasionally all four choices staying blank, tho this was rare. I don’t know if there were any gameplay or content compromises in the port to iOS, but I felt like the one street environment was a little overused, considering how generic most of it is.
    I felt like the ending of Chapter 1 was the perfect hook and was a little disappointed when it seemed like they completely bailed on Snow White’s death, tho i was satisfied with the explanation and Snow had an interesting arc anyway.

    One thing that I felt was a missed opportunity was the lack of questioning suspects such as in the first chapter at Toad’s house with the whole ‘(?) You caught Toad in a lie’ thing. You had to search his apartment for clues and evidence and talk him into contradicting himself until he came clean. Given the simplicity of the task and the small location to examine, I felt sure that this was pointing to larger more complex instances of this mechanic in later chapters where you would possibly have to travel to different locations or talk to different characters before you could get someone to confess. Anyone who has played the Ace Attorney games, or perhaps even knows a habitual liar IRL, knows how satisfying it can feel to cause someone to lie themselves into telling the truth, and I feel this could have worked great with characters in the later chapters, but it never happened and in Toad’s case it just wasn’t that satisfying given both his personal circumstances and the easiness of the ‘puzzle’. Overall tho i really enjoyed TWAU and would definitely buy a second season.

    Also interested to hear what kind of game would you describe Telltales recent games as. Interactive experience? Visual novel? Choose your own adventure game? Glorified QTE’s?
    As well as the new Marvel game, Telltale also has some kind of Minecraft game in development. Given their scope when it comes to past IP’s Telltale has worked with, are there any franchises you think would make for a dream Telltale game?


    Probably a combination of an interactive visual novel with QTE. For a game to deserve “chose your adventure” status in my opinion, there would have to be more flexibility concerning story outcome.

    IP I would want to see Telltale cover: Supernatural.

    Rabid ecstasy, 1997

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