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    I’ve been thinking about how very different a movie can appear through the eyes of certain characters, specifically Harley Quinn in suicide squad. “This is a story all about how her life got flip turned clown side down so lets take a minute and I’ll spell it out. Harley Quinn was working at Arkam Asylum attempting to re-rehabilitate the criminally insane Joker where she falls for his charm and he breaks free but not before strapping her to a gurney and giving her some electro-shock therapy. She immediately gives herself to him and gets thrown into a vat of acid and becomes his queen of Gotham At which point she gets captured by the batman and handed over to the authorities. Now if a person gets tortured has Stockholm syndrome and commits a bunch of criminal acts and is then apprehended isn’t she just the person to send to re-rehabilitate in an Asylum. In the movie she has just as many terrible memories of how she was treated in Prison as she did of the Joker.

    And Suicide Squad is just packed with these kinds of characters and it makes for a really interesting allegory on the American Criminal Justice System and Illegal military operation in clear violation of human rights. These people get written off as villains as the bad guys by a society that now only values them for being dangerous. And yeah overpowered meta-humans bent on destroying the world are bad. But a tyrannical government is also pretty bad and would make a way more intersting villain for a group of super heroes to fight.

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