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    Shinra Kuroki
    Shinra Kuroki

    ***Massive spoilers for The Stanlet Parable!!!!!!!!!****

    So 0megaBlaster, a CCS forum user, has been doing a LP of The Stanley Parable; so I though I would talk about my thoughts on the game here.

    To start off understanding The Stanlet Parable, you should start off with the Broom Closet “Ending”. During it, the narrator thinks the player has died, and requests someone who is familiar with video games to take over. This shows that The Stanley Parable is all about video games.

    The narrator is not an antagonist, he’s more like a DM from D&D. He controls the antagonists/events that prevent the player character from winning, but he’s only doing it to entertain the players. A game without challenge isn’t fun for most people. The narrator is also kind of like the avatar for the game dev. Stanley is also kind of an avatar for the player, but he also represents players in general from the view of the narrator/game dev. I believe this to be the case cause the narrator keeps saying stuff like he’s trying to show you something beautiful & multiple times saying he had a nice story planned out the endings in which you keep doing what he doesn’t want you. The narrators intent is not malicious, he just wants to tell you a story. He can be rather malicious due to you trying your hardest to derail the story, but isn’t he in the right to be angry with you. He’s letting you into his world, into his work of art & here you are acting entitle to change it, to supplant your wants & desires over his, the creator of that world/art.

    The ending where Stanley kills himself is all about how the player deviating from the plan or constantly trying to find ways to break the game only makes the player & maker miserable. Some players are constantly trying to subvert the intent of the maker. It kind of reminds me of Aerith lives mods. Some players subvert stories just through head cannon & other such post modernism garbage. The whole point of the room with the pretty lights is to show that the narrator can create beauty, while you have the choice to enjoy what he has made or do something stupid just to spite him.

    The museum ending is about how video games are limited with choice. The makers can only make so many possibilities and plan for so many choices. A video game can never make true free choice, only real life can do that. Video games only give us the illusion of free choice. Each choices consequence has already been decided & all the choices have already been reprogrammed. A lot of the endings touch on this predestination issue.

    The relationship between game & gamer, gamer & game dev, and game dev & game are really at the center of The Stanley Parable. It’s a interactive medium in the guise of a video game, that is all about video games. It’s a really smart non-game that understands the video game medium, which is why it resonates with gamers so much. It’s a non-game for gamers, about gamers & video games. While I have found a lot of The Stanley Parable can be said about table top role playing games, it is firmly all about video games & such insights are unintentional & tangential.

    But that’s only what I think, what is your theory about the parable of The Stanley Parable?

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    This was brilliant! I’m happy to see that you watching me play The Stanley Parable made you think so critically about the game.

    For anyone else who wants the check out my Play through of The Stanley Parable Here’s the link to the full playlist:

    I really did have alot of fun playing The Stanley Parable and I hope everyone who watch enjoyed it as much as I did.

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